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  1. You're welcome You are now in the same boat than wdtz and me
  2. Don't know if that's useful for anyone, but here's what I have https://mega.nz/#!RvZxHSAD!Hfjr00-jFTuTvtT7fhf_mXsxjOcwBnZyMpC_dBuL5DY
  3. Wifi kernel modules obtained from the Android 8.1 https://mega.nz/#!YrgnEI4S!ocCcSF6xWZ2hmYJWESpEM13f-HVP6AY3rlPnIxzo1Sg I'll check later if it's loaded in Armbian
  4. I successfully extracted the resource.img and the dtb.. you can take a look resource_img.zip
  5. It seems even the Ethernet is not recognized under Libreelec (here, cable was connected and dhcp was enabled)... *By the way I just tested on Armbian with the default configured dtb, ethernet is not working from Android: su; lsmod And according to the dtb I extracted from the Android 8.1, the chip is an RTL8723BS The box has both Ethernet and Wifi.
  6. Behavior more or less the same as with Armbian - microSD only : cannot find rootfs - microSD + USB: I can reach the Kodi interface but I don't have any network support
  7. Nice catch !!! With both the microSD and USB key newly written and plugged at the same time in the box, I could successfully boot and obtain the Armbian Desktop. This with the default provided dtb. However without surprise, no BT, no WIFI. I tried the other provided dtb's, some boot with the same result, some don't boot at all. And with my extracted android t9 dtb, I still have the same result as before: the box doesn't boot.
  8. No joy... the box doesn't boot anymore with this dtb
  9. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Newest-4GB-64GB-Android-8-1-TV-Box-T9-RK3328-Quad-Core-4G-32G-USB-3/32899865217.html I could extract information (an fdt file, among others) from the boot partitions of the Android 8.1. Do you think it can help ? devicetree.tar.gz Edit: Convered the fdt file (which is actually a .dtb file) into a .dts file rk3328-t9-android.dts rk3328-t9-android.dtb
  10. I tried both APPEND propositions... doesn't work ... But it isn't very surprising because I cannot see any mmcblk* device in /dev/ from the initramfs Did you already encounter such situation ?
  11. I wrote the .img on a microsd using Etcher. I inserted the microsd directly in the microsd slot of the box. Hum, I'm sorry, I have no idea which extlinux.conf modification of the mount point could make the system to boot. Quick question: within the initramfs, is it a normal mount result ?
  12. 1: "Armbian_5.62_Rk3328-tv_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.143_desktop_20181008.img" 2: "/dtb/rockchip/rk3328-box-trn9.dtb", I already tried the others rk3328*, unfortunately with always the same result.
  13. Hi there, First of all thank you very much for the work done on this image. I recently bought an RK3328 T9 android box (seems to be an OEM box, but mine is "Vontar" branded). I'm of course interested in installing Linux on it Good news is that it boots on microSD ... Now, with the provided image, I'm stuck at the initramfs step... I tried changing the "UUID=" usage with "PARTUUID=" in the armbianEnv.txt file but had no success. Any idea of what could be the cause ?