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    NanoPI M4

    Scroll to the VERY bottom of The NanoPi M4 software choices page. Focal 5.4 version of Armbian is there for Nano Pi M4.
  2. I am a little bit confused by all the version and Kernel numbering in Balbes version of Armbian. Can someone please tell me the difference between Balbes Armbian version 5.2rc7 and version 5.1.15 Is one a permanent version and the other, more of a temporary one. If you update what version do you get?
  3. I have downloaded and installed Armbian_5.90_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_next_5.2.0-rc7-next-20190701_desktop. It works great on my Mecool km8 s912 1GB. Video performance is excellent. Is the 5.2 Kernel using Hardware Video decoding? Is Zram working? Swap on HTOP shows no Swap memory?
  4. I installed Armbian_5.89_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_disco_dev_5.2.0-rc4_desktop_20190621 on my Mecool s912 I gb. It booted but the desktop environment will not load programs from the pull down menu. USB sound card worked. Video playback was very poor. Networking ethernet worked.
  5. Fantastic News RE UGOOS AM6 Can you do some benchmarks against the RK3399. I have the NanoPI M4 RK3399 2GB and am curious about buying a s922x board but if the CPU improvement is less than 10 to 20% then I can not see the point.
  6. This is good news. Kernel 5.2is coming out as the next iteration.. So this should be working on s912 boards very very soon?
  7. Can any one tell me the compelling reasons to create a new sd boot disk for my s912 Mecool with the new 5.82 S9xxx Armbian Bionic. Also what is the difference between Next version and default.. Thanks Seasalt.
  8. I agree, I think the N2 s922x is about $70. But I already have a M4 RK3399 and I do not see any compelling reason to buy another early in development board. I have been very happy with my s912 $28 Mecool KM8 1gb ram boards running Babes Armbian . I find they are a lot of fun and am able to do one computer task well but are a bit slow on two tasks or Web surfing useless.
  9. The delay before Login in babes s912 Armbian has only appeared in the last few weeks. Why was the source of en-trophy Ok before and now delayed?
  10. I have updated my s912 Mecool Km8 to the latest Babes Ubuntu version. It all works very very well. Including Video playback. But there is one small new problem. When I boot up there is a inordinate delay before the login screen appears. It could be minutes before the login screen appears. It may appear faster if you click the mouse or keyboard. Is any one having a similar problem?
  11. You have uploaded Armbian s912 5.78. What are the benefits / improvements over Armbian 5.77? It appears the Kernel has gone from 5.0 to 5.1? Does that mean better Video driver performance? P.S. 5.77 s912 runs great on my Mecool s912 TV box. I use it as my main TV / projector player now utilizing VLC. Thanks for the great work.
  12. Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.67 user-built Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.2-aml-s9xxx System load: 0.40 0.43 0.28 Up time: 17 min Memory usage: 71 % of 836MB Zram usage: 2 % of 2466Mb IP: CPU temp: 45°C Usage of /: 35% of 29G [ 0 security updates available, 9 updates total: apt upgrade ] Last check: 2019-03-20 06:50 thanks. This is what ssh login says. Welcome to ARMBIAN 5.67 user-built Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS 4.19.2-aml-s9xxx System load: 0.40 0.43 0.28 Up time: 17 min Memory usage: 71 % of 836MB Zram usage: 2 % of 2466Mb IP: CPU temp: 45°C Usage of /: 35% of 29G [ 0 security updates available, 9 updates total: apt upgrade ] Last check: 2019-03-20 06:50 How do i upgrade to a later s912 armbian?
  13. "Sudo apt-get update" will upgrade my apps but will it upgrade the Kernel to the latest version in this case Kernel 5.0. If not is there a command that will do a Operating System update and upgrade to the latest linux Kernel? If there is not a command to update the Armbian s912 Armbian Kernel, do I have to download the latest s912 Armbian and start from scratch and reinstall all my apps again?
  14. nothing happened. HTOP astayed at 836M Ram. 314M in use. I tried adding cma=64M as well.
  15. Interesting read. So since Corelec and Armbian Oleg's s912 show approx 812mb ram available then they possibly both pre-use about the same amount of Ram. If I type cma=64 into a terminal Oleg's armbian s912 should / could allocate a smaller amount of reserved ram?
  16. Can we steel some of that ram memory back? 812 is not enough to run a basic web page browser. It just chokes but an extra 50k Ram might just be enough to get over the ram shortage.
  17. I could not agree more. On bang for buck no argument. But when I bought mine only the Mecool km8p 1gb ram version was available. I wish I had the 2gb version. My KM8p one gb version shows up as only having approximately 812mb of Ram in htop? Not 1gb as I see on my 1gb orange pi's with zram running. are you seeing on you km8p the same amount of 812mb ram? Oleg made zram ram compression work and that has been a godsend. Have you any idea where the missing 180mb of Ram is being used. If it is allocated to video I want it back. When I run Corelec it says from memory about 812mb ram available as well.
  18. Ridiculously expensive when the s922x hard kernel for $63 has been announced and shipping next month.
  19. What are the benefits of Kernel 5.0 vs the earlier 4.20 Kernel releases for s912 Armbian users? I am on limited internet and have 3 KM8p Mecool 912 happily running Armbian 5.67 Kernel 4.19. So my feeling is I should wait a while until Kernel 5.0 matures BUT if there is a compelling reason or benefit to upgrade to Kernel 5.0 I will do it.
  20. Thanks for the great Benchmarks. Its always a delight to find out I managed to get the best bang per buck with my rapidly evolving collection of arm boards. The Mecool KM8 s912 is clearly a stand out Corelec Kodi player in terms of Bang per buck. I think the s922x for $65 will eat the s912-Armbian market once it is released as the Hard Kernel N2. One of the things I did not understand about Arm chip boards being used as Linux computers. Is the HUGE delay between the hardware being in-effect "released in a unfinished state" and the time it takes for the software to catch up. i.e. no VPU driver for s912 was solved in Corelec Kodi by rapping the android VPU driver etc. Orange Pi PC2 did not have a Hardware Video driver solved by a massive reverse engineering project. The s912 was said to have 2.0ghz cores but it turned out to be 1.5ghz etc.
  21. My thinking and experimenting on this is is.. Yes ..Passive cooling is a novel idea but these chips start to "cripple their performance if they get hottish" A simple $5 raspberry Pi Fan soldered in will provide enough cooling to KNOCK 10 degree's to 15 degree's Celsius off the temperature of the CPU close to full load. 70 degree Celsius will go to 55 Celsius. It will mean that you can play a HEVC x265 movie in "software" mode, with CPU utilization at 80-90% if you have to. PS If you are using the s912 board for Amateur Radio or Software defined Radio the fan directly soldered to the s912 TV will cause a slight hum and may need a small capacitor to quieten it. I have 3, KM8 Mecool s912. Two with fans one without. One is running a dedicated Corelec version of Kodi and I run it fan-less but I suspect occasionally it gets too hot and the HEVC video slightly stutters. I can live with this as I do not want a fan noise whilst watching a video on Kodi. The other 2 Mecool KM8 I run Oleg's S912 Armbian..this is simply amazing with a fan I can run my software defined radio software at 3.2 MHz FULL bandwidth (cpu utilization 70-80%) on a 5 volt low powered device at about 55degree Celsius. it is simply amazing.
  22. I tried to get the Armbian s912 image to write to the KM8p Mecool 1gb/8gb flash memory. I used the utility i found in Armbian settings. It is a control line interface app. It gave me an option to write the image to Flash memory. After writing the image, I could then look at the 8GB FLASH using GPARTED and see that the flash memory was now partitioned differently. Now I have 3 KM8 Mecool's and they were all bought separately. They seem to have different Android images on the flash memory. To cut a long story it appears that on rebooting the KM8 i had written the Armbian image to flash on, it would reboot and go back or reinstall android and then boot. In the end i gave up on installing Armbian to the flash and just installed the same Android 7 image on all three km8's.
  23. I could not get the flash memory on my Mecool to stop some how over writing itself with the internal Android image. I used the Armbian utility to write the armbian image to the 8gb flash.
  24. hand typing from other screen Linux aml 4.19.2-aml-s9xxx #12 SMP PREEMPT MON DEC 14...MSK 2018 aarch64 aarch64 GNU/Linux
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