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  1. Ahhhh sorry, somehow I was sure your older 3.14.x versions had the camera support. I got mixed up playing around with your branch vs SolidRun's FSCL. Hopefully it's something trivial...
  2. Hi again Igor, I just compiled the default branch, and mini-PCIe works well! Thanks again! Unfortunately, it seems that now the OV5640 module is not recognized anymore... Any chance you could "put it back" in the 3.14 kernel? Previous Armbian 3.14 kernels have it enabled. Thanks! Alexandre
  3. Hi Igor, did you finally receive your HB2? Cheers, Alexandre
  4. Igor, thanks for your dedication to Armbian. I hope you'll get your HB v2 soon. Right now I'm attempting to compile only the modules for the mipi camera, based on the linaro kernel and on an updated config from your 4.90 Armbian 3.14.60. I replaced the /drivers/media/platform directory from linaro with the fslc 3.14.60 sources. Not sure it will work, but I'll let you know...
  5. Hi Igor, Thanks for your great work with Armbian. I'm currently using your Armbian4.90 for my Hummingboard Edge v2 (dual), as the newest that does not hang on PCIe initialization. Unfortunately, the OV5640 MIPI module is not compiled in this version (it is compiled in all later versions of kernel 3.14.60). Have you kept an archive all the versions of your kernel source? Is there any way to get it so we can add and compile a specific module? Of course, I would prefer if the latest 3.14 kernel could not hang with the PCIe adapter initializing, but this seems to be a pretty difficult issue... I tried the latest one available on the official Armbian site (5.00), and also using your compilation script (which gives me version 5.05 or 5.07 if I remember well). I also tried SolidRun's images. Thanks! Alexandre
  6. Hi Igor, If I may, it would be greatly appreciated if you could fix this PCI issue on 3.14.60 for HB v2 (I just got one - Edge i2eX), as this kernel supports i2c and the OV5640 camera module via MIPI-CSI (like the Wandcam). The "only" thing missing is the mini PCIe hanging. Unless it is easy to provide these functionalities (i2c and ov5640 MIPI-CSI), as well as GPIO, to kernel 4.4.x? Thanks for your great work. PS. Is there somewhere we can download your kernel based on 3.14.53? Alexandre