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  1. After you burn the image file to your sd open the boot directory of your card and locate the folder dtb and search in that folder.
  2. Talraash I have tried all the versions of kernel! I have tried all the dtb files! Only one is booting and that one gives me only 838mb of ram! I post it here because I did not know where to post and contact Balbes150
  3. Hello balbes150 First of all I would like to thank you for your decent work you do. Now I would like to report you a problem I have. i own a x96 tv box 2gb ram 16gb rom (p212). I successfully installed in nand your version Armbian_5.64_Aml-s9xxx_Ubuntu_xenial_default_4.19.0-rc7_20181019. The problem I get is that the system sees 838mb of ram total. I have 2gb of ram. What can I do to fix that? I am totally newbie on Linux and afterwards I installed the image on nand you probably understand that I can’t go backwards on android and I would like to get the most of my hardware working correctly on Ubuntu. Thank you in advance.