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  1. See if this helps (worked for me on the latest armbian stretch image) "if use Armbian with kernel 4.11.5 you must add i /boot/armbianEnv.txt line overlays=analog-codec and reboot Orange PI Zero" From here:
  2. Thank you for the link. I imagined there would be little to be done without more information. Curiously, after going through setup on another debian build, I decided to give the stretch img another shot, and now it seems to be working. The only thing different is, it is being powered by a USB cable not from a simple power supply, but from a PC (and recognized as PI USB to serial )No idea if that is relevant, but it seems to be working now.
  3. Hey there. I used to run an Octoprint server on my Orange Pi Zero H2+ installed over armbian, which got swapped with a raspberry pi for unimportant reasons. I wanted to switch back, but for all of the armbian builds listed here for Orange Pi Zero, I am just getting a green light on the board and some blinking of the orange indicator only from the Ethernet Jack. Is this expected? This is happening with multiple SD-cards an two Orange Pi Zeros. All of the OS images from http://www.orangepi.org/ seem to work just fine, as well as an old "debian_server_for_orangepizero_v0_9_2.i