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  1. Yes, hw decoding works out of the box for mainline linux kernel.
  2. I did next few moves: Change sun8i-r40.dtsi Change sun8i-r40-bananapi-m2-ultra.dts Compile ffmpeg (options you can get from log message above) Compile codec driver sunxi-cedar Remove cma option from kernel command line (it cause conflict with SRAM described in DTS)
  3. I run it on the Banan Pi M2U (R40 cpu). Despite to the ffmpeg errors I got h.264 encoded video file And CPU usage Software encoding was incredible bad and I got only 720p@5fps
  4. Hi. Thank you musicPi for your guide. I have A40 based board with 5" RGB display and I'm trying to make it Workstation under mainline kernel. But I figure out that A40 incompatible with option VIDEO_SUNXI in u-boot (according to https://github.com/u-boot/u-boot/blob/master/arch/arm/mach-sunxi/Kconfig#L817 ), so I can not reproduce 2nd step. Is it possible to bring up RGB display without u-boot?
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