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  1. Thank you jernej. I tested CEC in OpenElec ( with kernel 3.4.113 and it's work. Now I'm testing 4.14.78-sunxi and I have cec0 in /dev/. I installed v4l-utils and in cec-ctl: root@bananapim2plus:~# cec-ctl Driver Info: Driver Name : sun8i-dw-hdmi Adapter Name : dw_hdmi Capabilities : 0x0000001e Logical Addresses Transmit Passthrough Remote Control Support Dr
  2. Hello, I have a question about HDMI CEC in Armbian Stretch, is it possible to run this? After command lsmod I have module hdmi_hw_cec, I install libcec and cec-utils packages but cec-client still show "not devices". I read in sunxi wiki that HDMI CEC should be active in revision 4.17, so when we can expect this version? :)