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  1. Hi, I've been building nanopineoplus2 stretch images with armbian build on commit c3f02be362aa216f2d3ee011916f9a18baf58291 (August 4, 2018) and it worked fine until earlier this week. My last successful build was on 10/28/2018. Could this be failing because armbian-firmware 5.55 or some older packages were taken off the apt repo? Here is the log output: [[0;32m o.k. [0m] Installing packages for [[0;33m Armbian [0m] Reading package lists... Building dependency tree... Reading state information... [[0;31m error [0m] ERROR in function create_rootfs_cache [[0;33m [0m] [[0;31m error [0m] Installation of Armbian packages failed [[0;32m o.k. [0m] Process terminated [[0;31m error [0m] ERROR in function unmount_on_exit [[0;33m [0m] [[0;31m error [0m] debootstrap-ng was interrupted [[0;32m o.k. [0m] Process terminated Thank you.