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  1. Gengan

    RK3328 Kernel

    A big "thank you" to the Armbian team for the rockchip kernel update to Linux 5.4. I upgraded from the legacy kernel to the current one last night without a single issue. Ethernet now works like a charm and boot time is reduced, though I haven't properly measured it. Just a question: the standby LED (red one) now blinks twice every second. What does it mean?
  2. Gengan

    RK3328 Kernel

    I tried Linux 5.4 on my Rock64 v2.0. Ethernet is not working, which makes the board pretty useless. Unfortunately I don't remember the dmesg error string... is this a known issue? Do you need help investigating it?
  3. OK, thanks for your reply Can I also ask you if you plan to mark kernel 4.19 as the next stable version of linux-image-rockchip64? I'm not asking for an ETA.
  4. Hello! I've recently installed NextCloudPi, which ships Linux 4.4 by default (linux-image-rockchip64 - Linux kernel, version 4.4.159-rockchip64). Is it OK to update to linux-image-arm64? As far as I understood, mainline Linux supports RK3328 chip since version 4.14. Thanks a lot!
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