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  1. Hi, I am trying to select an OS for C++ development on ARM processors for IoT development and I am thinking about long future. I've been using Debian and Ubuntu on my desktop, so I have to say I am biased on using Debian. (1) armhf debian looks stable, it can support any ARM board as long as it has Linux kernel, but it requires large size in both RAM and Flash like a desktop environment. (2) openwrt is smaller for embedded system, but it does not have pre-build open source library packages like armhf debian does, you have to build open source packages which may or may not be a big deal, in particular, building boost could be a nightmare. It's shell is busybox, not bash, which concerns me most as I am heavily using bash scripts. (3) I have to say, I am new to armbian, one thing concerns me is that armbian does not have large community like armhf debian or openwrt. I suppose that armbian has the similar development environment like Debian desktop, good pre-build library package, it is using bash, and it requires smaller size for RAM and Flash, is it fair to say it is a version of minimal Debian I always installed in my desktop? Thank you. jupiter
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