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  1. Can anyone answer here do bionic kernel supports HDMI output for Opi PC boards? Please suggest a solution as I have taken Opi PC board which has Armbian Bionic Image but no HDMI sound is coming out.
  2. Yes, I want to use remmina-next only. I will try X2go also. Is video performance is better in X2go with RDP?
  3. Okay. Can you help me in resolving the issue of the funky appearance in S905 board, please?
  4. Thanks balbes150 for replying me. 1. I need the remmina-next plugin for ARM-64 board(S905) so that I can check the performance of RDP on it with codec AVC444 or AVC420. 2. I am getting some funky screen, for it I am sharing a small video. May be it would explain you better, please check it for once. Please help me to resolve this issue. VID_20190502_134511.mp4
  5. Hi Balbes, I am M-tech student and trying to do R&D on S905 image. I need the remmina-next plugin for ARM-64 board. Please try to make it for me. So, that I can continue my research. Also, I have try to modify the S905 image with the help of my senior then I am getting S905 black Xorg. Can anyone guide me on this that would be a plus point to my work. Please reply to me ASAP as I have to give update of my work in this week earlier. Thankyou !!!
  6. I have a board of S905W with 1GB+8GB. I want to configure sound with HDMI output during RDP (Remmina) but when I do RDP and plays a video no sound comes out. I have a kernel version of 3.14.29. Please let me know how can I enable a sound on this board during RDP.
  7. We are trying to install wifi driver for Xradio Xr-819 and also for D-Link Wifi Adapter in Mainline Image of Orange Pi PC. We have tried for xradio by https://www.cnx-software.com/2016/11/10/allwinner-h2-linux-android-sdk-and-allwinner-xr819-wifi-driver-released/ and https://github.com/fifteenhex/xradio. Also, we have tried by installing u-boot https://notsyncing.net/?p=blog&b=2016.orangepi-pc-custom-kernel. We have tried for D-Link by https://github.com/xk/rtl8812AU_rtl8821AU and http://www.philipzucker.com/getting-goddamn-wifi-on-the-goddamn-orange-pi-pc/. Also, we tried to made modifications in file /etc/network/interfaces but that file shows in Read Only Mode but nothing works out. Need help ASAP.
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