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    PiotrO got a reaction from Willy Moto in Allwinner H6   
    thx for keeping eye on this!
    i opened my box and look with oscilloscope on sda/scl pins on fd650.
    -with factory android: led display works; 3.3v + every 0.5sec series of to low polarity pulses
    -with yours armbian: led display black; constant 3.3v without any pulses
    -with mine distro: led display black; constant 3.3v without any pulses
    So for me it looks like:
    -issue is not due missed pull-ups
    -issue is because my board uses different gpio
    i don't believe issue is i.e.due miss-working gpio controller as i have working i.e. wifi which uses near gpio pin228.
    Now i see: you have tanix-tx6-p while i have tanix-tx6. This may explain: in fact we have different devices.
    I dumped boot/system/vendor/dtbo partitions from factory Android - and i want to extract android dtb to see what gpio are used to drive fd650 on my box.
    Has anybody any hint what is easiest way to do this? (playing mkdtboimg.py or...?)
    In the meantime i want to see how population of various tanix-tx6 variants looks like.
    Are users of tanix-tx6 may give me favour please and:
    -download my distro (https://github.com/warpme/minimyth2/releases/download/v11.28.3-master-Pre-122-g6a79086179/MiniMyth2-armv8-master-11.28.3.r122-board-h6.tanix_tx6-board-s912-SD-Image.img.xz)
    -burn to SD card
    -if lcd display not works: telnet to box (user is root; no password) and provide me pls dmesg + possible box details  
    thx in advance!
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    PiotrO got a reaction from balbes150 in Since Tanix TX6 can boot from the SD card   
    pls find below:
    On 5.5 kernel - for eachlink H6 i'm using this patch to get dtb:
    For u-boot I'm using custodian repo:
    with patch adding H6 support:
    Pls let me know do You still need 4M from SD card. 
    (of corse I'm sure You remember to add PWM & AC200 support in kernel)
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    PiotrO got a reaction from zogu in s905w boot process?   
    Finally I have working (and quite understand) booting on my s905w with my full control on software used/configured.
    My system is working enough to start exploring GLES (via ARM mail blobs)  and hw video decode (v4l2 m2m).
    Huge thx for Your really helpful support!
    Just quick Q:
    Has anybody have this in kernel log (in every 120sec)?
    [  242.654622] INFO: task kworker/2:1:35 blocked for more than 120 seconds. [  242.655686]       Not tainted 4.19.0 #1 [  242.659570] "echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs" disables this message. [  242.667272] kworker/2:1     D    0    35      2 0x00000028 [  242.672714] Workqueue: events_freezable mmc_rescan [  242.677434] Call trace: [  242.679908]  __switch_to+0x94/0xd8 [  242.683224]  __schedule+0x1e4/0x620 [  242.686677]  schedule+0x38/0xa0 [  242.689761]  schedule_timeout+0x1f4/0x378 [  242.693761]  wait_for_common+0xb8/0x170 [  242.697537]  wait_for_completion+0x14/0x20 [  242.701635]  mmc_wait_for_req_done+0x28/0x170 [  242.705950]  mmc_wait_for_req+0x80/0xf0 [  242.709705]  mmc_send_tuning+0x120/0x1d8 [  242.713580]  meson_mmc_execute_tuning+0x68/0x228 [  242.718194]  mmc_execute_tuning+0x60/0xa0 [  242.722120]  mmc_init_card+0x8c4/0x19d0 [  242.725922]  mmc_attach_mmc+0xc0/0x180 [  242.729658]  mmc_rescan+0x300/0x3d8 [  242.733075]  process_one_work+0x1e8/0x340 [  242.737035]  worker_thread+0x40/0x460 [  242.740700]  kthread+0x128/0x130 [  242.743854]  ret_from_fork+0x10/0x1c I don't have this with balbes150 kernel - so there must be something balbes150 add to his kernel and I'm missing....
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    PiotrO got a reaction from jock in s905w boot process?   
    I think we need to distiguish booting from sd and _unattended_ booting from sd.
    In case of my hw (tx3-mini) I think unattended boot from sd is NOT possible without erasing[modifying] eMMC bootloader.
    I think so as IPL by default is passing control to eMMC.
    So if we want unattended boot from SD - we MUST:
    1\ change eMMC content
    2\ modify IPL
    As IPL is in ROM (I think) -  only option 1\ is choice.
    Reasonably written IPL should have fall-back to SD[USB] if SPL from eMMC fails (i.e. for case when flash ageing leading to data rot). In such case IPL should offer recovery by booting from SD and refresh eMMC SPL.
    So I agree with initial @jock answer as IMHO his intention was to describe what needs t be done to have tv-box _unattended_ boot from sd
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    PiotrO got a reaction from zogu in s905w boot process?   
    Forgive me but - I'm a bit confused...
    You wrote:
    aml_autoscript content:
    this looks me strange as something what can boot linux.
    No any "booti" command, but "reboot" command!
    How such script can boot linux?
    on the other hand I see in s905_autoscript I see:
    boot_start' has here "booti"
    IMHO this script can boot linux contrary to aml_autoscript...
    I think in Your description You swapped names of: aml_autoscript with s905_autoscript and vice versa (probably just typo)
    pls confirm
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