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  1. Hi I want an ups for my Hc 2 - Have seen the link: https://magazine.odroid.com/article/aff ... 00-uptime/ But the likelihood I can make it is small I am not good at soldering. - Are there any who can give advice on an ups I can put on the 220V side? And then I would like to support the possibility of closing the box via usb / linux in case of power failure. Someone who has experience with a UPS that supports this in armbian debian stetch?
  2. Hi thanks for your reply :) - Is Armbian ram not important for the system since you say "rm"? :) - And is there an error on my SD card or is it an error in Armbian (Just curious so I know the basis for " rm ") (It's a brand new SD card I've made a whole new picture :))
  3. Hi, I get this error message on armbian / omv 4 to mail: "run-parts: /etc/cron.daily/armbian-ram-logging exited with return code 1" Does anyone have a solution?