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  1. No thanks I rather prefer to wait then.
  2. @JMCC sorry if it's a noob question, but I was wondering if this can be used for RK3399 units too? 😬
  3. Cr4z33

    Rock PI 4

    Well I linked the top product, but you can find all other (cheaper) variants of it.
  4. Cr4z33

    Rock PI 4

    Oh and btw this is what is written in their FAQ:
  5. Cr4z33

    Rock PI 4

    If someone in Europe is interested into buying it here is the link for the 4GB RAM with Dual Band Wifi model available on two webshops: And yes they both sell also to private users.
  6. Thanks for letting me know. Going back to the laggy RPI then. 😢
  7. I was hoping that while moving to ASUS Tinker Board from a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ I would still be able to use my Google Voice Kit AIY (v1), but it looks like Armbian right now supports v2 only? I tried installing everything needed, but all I got were loads of error/not found messages. May I hope to be able to use the kit by some workarounds or do I have to stick with the Raspberry in the meantime? I am not really willing to spend extra money for some USB solution and I would like to fix it so that I can learn something new.
  8. Indeed. 😁 As soon as I get my Tinker Board I am going to try first and see what happens.
  9. Does anybody know if this script is needed if using i.e a MagicMirror module that stream videos on the screen?