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  1. Okay I do apologize on forehand. Ive tried the following: sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade sudo apt-get dist-upgrade sudo reboot sudo modprobe g_ether modbprobe: FATAL: Module Gether not found in directory /lib/modules/4.4.192-rockchip65 Sudo cat /etc/modules is an empty file (it does exist) sudo ifconfig usb0 up gives a no such device error Sudo ifconfig -a doesnt have a usb0 output Sudo lshw -C network only shows wireless and ethernet connection cat /etc/os-release version = 18.04.3 LTS Bionic Beaver I think thats all i can do ? Thanx for the help in advance, greatly appreciated!
  2. ah yes i figured that but it didnt work in the first try. Ill try to get a bit deeper into it then, i guess you did something or pulled some strings. Thank you for that!
  3. My ipad has an usbc port, if i plug in a female ethernet adapter i can connect that to a wifi cable from the rockpi thereby using eth0 rather than usb0
  4. As a result of your feedback i've decided to buy a usbc to ethernet adapter, that should do the trick
  5. As said, i understand your case. I see you do your best and I thank you for that. All the best with the development of armbian.
  6. Hey of course I understand! I saw your YouTube video lecture on armbian. I understand this is more of a High-Tier user forum. That's why I also post my question at raxda. I've never complained on this forum, I just experience the other one as 'more kind', that's all, it's my opinion of experience. It was maybe not the kindest thing to say, but hey im not cursing or anything. I completely understand where you are coming from. I'm a teacher myself, I teach engineering at a uni (structural mainly, focused on offshore renewables and I also teach a bit of python programming (funny fact, I'm the python expert on my floor)), I have had my piece of 'dumb noob questions' :) You asked for an explanation, you got one, that's all. No hard feelings whatsoever. Now let's quit this 'feelings' nonsense and good luck on your crusade with armbian, I hope I can learn from you on the way, I already look forward being a more experienced linux person in a couple of years :)
  7. Hi there, Thanx for the reply In respond to my Radxa comment, I really love armbian, but on this forum i do sometimes get the feeling that i’m considered ‘dumb’ as a Linux hobbyist with no IT background. Hope you understand.
  8. I’ve tried the following link. this however didn’t work. first of all the file /etc/modules is empty whenever i reboot no usb0 interface will come online. Sudo ifconfig -a doesn’t show a usb0 interface Sudo lshw -C network only shows my wireless and ethernet connection. sudo ifdown usb0 && sudo ifup usb0 yields: ifdown: interface usb0 not configured Unknown interface usb0
  9. Hi there, I have a RockPi 4b running Arabian with Ubuntu bionic. I mainly use the board to contact it online over ssh/vnc/rdp to work in spyder and texmaker. Quite often the connection is slow however. Therefore I am thinking of changing the system such that i can just bring it on the road and connect it using a local network with the usbc cable outlet of the iPad and a USB port on the rockpi. The reason i would like to connect over a cable is speed and not having to use the WiFi so that both devices can still easily connect to a WiFi network for internet access. I have found many solutions where iPads are connected to raspberry pi’s. These solutions all have various forms, could anyone here please suggest me what the ‘ best’ solution would be in terms of ease of configuration and stability? What i’ ve found so far: - avahi - bonjour - connection related to nmap Are all these solutions even possible on a Arabian system ? And if the procedure is different, can anyone please help me het started ? Furthermore, if anyone of you is willing to help me think out the steps to configure the system that would be awesome (like really awesome). I’m only a Linux hobbyist so I’m still unable to find out the finesse between these programs. Thank you very much in advance. Johan
  10. I ended up just reinstalling the system
  11. To clarify, there only an emmc and not an sd card equipped. I've tried to physiclly reinstall the emmc but that did not solve the problem. When I try to mount the EMMC using an EMMC to SD converter the mounted card cannot be opened because it's read-only. Is this a sign of a failing emmc ?
  12. Hi there, I have a rockpi 4b running armbian bionic desktop legacy kernel 4.4y on a 128 GB emmc module, I’d like to use this machine as a server. I was just tinkering around with Plex, .bashrc and crontab while all of a sudden the keyboard mapping over RDP changed (e.g. > became ;, ~ became @ etc) (indication of the problem?). I tried to fix this by changing the system keyboard layout and running dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration, this all didnt work. I decided to reboot the machine to see if that would work. After the reboot I could not connect to either RDP or SSH so I decided to connect the machine to a HDMI monitor. This resulted in the following output: Can anyone help me understand what I am seeing here and how this could have happened ? Is this even Ubuntu ? Or is this GRUB ? Where in the boot process is this ? My guess is that the whole EMMC is disconnected but this seems very weird since I did not touch the board in any way. (I have no SD installed) I’m now thinking of solving this problem by attaching the emmc to a sd reader and backing up the etc,home,opt,root,srv,usr and var folder, reflashing the image and putting the folders back. This is however a very destructive process so I hope something less destructive is possible. I also even don’t know if this is going to work since I have no idea how this problem was caused. Can anyone help me please ? Thanx in advance! Thank you in advance
  13. Sorry im an idiot and didnt want to post the solution... apparantly the HDMI cable did not reconize the output.