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    Armbian config refactoring Online Meeting via Zoom Meeting
  2. until
    Armbian 23.11 Topi code freeze
  3. until
    Armbian 23.08 Colobus code freeze
  4. until
    Armbian 23.05 Suni code freeze
  5. until
    Armbian 23.02 Quoll code freeze
  6. until
    Armbian 23.11 Topi release
  7. until
    Armbian 23.08 Colobus release
  8. until
    Armbian 23.05 Suni release
  9. until
    Release Planning IRC
  10. until
    Release Planning IRC
  11. until
    Release Planning IRC
  12. until
    Release Planning IRC
  13. until
    Regular release
  14. until
    Regular release. https://www.armbian.com/download/
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    Enter for a chance to WIN a Banana Pi M2 PRO! SinoVoip , one of Armbian's Platinum Partners has teamed up with Armbian to give away one of their BananaPi M2 Pro boards to one lucky winner! Get your free raffle ticket today and enter to win! While your here, feel free to comment down below what you would do with the board if you win! Armbian is always looking for new volunteers for many positions, if you have time to volunteer, consider applying for one of the open positions! Also check out all the great videos on Armbian and single board computers done by @NicoD on YouTube! (You must have been a member for at least 30 days before this was posted to enter this giveaway) *Prizes will be fulfilled and sent directly by SinoVoip once a winner is chosen and their address received. Be sure you are able to receive parcels from China. Armbian and SinoVoip will not be responsible for any customs duties or additional fees associated with delivery or import of the prize.
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