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  1. Sorry for the delay. http://ix.io/1xj8 I attempted this on Dec 25, when the network was free to mess with. ta t
  2. I just tried to get the dhclient on eth0 to communicate with my ISP (which uses dhcp). On OpenWrt, this works with no problem. However, all I got on the bpi-r2 (eth0) was a 169.x (no answer) address. For the internal network, the dhclient works just fine. I have already tried using eth0 in systemd's network and outside of it (using dhclient). No communication in both cases. ta, t.
  3. Hello All, I finally got Armbian for the BPI-R2 installed and I must say, it is the best OS I had ever used on it. It makes the BPI-R2 usable now, which is great since it is very good hardware. I plan to use it just as a server (no desktop plans, as that could get too painful). If any BPI-R2 tests need to be done or the such, please let me know. ta, t.