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  1. Another question : i installés Kodi but hdmi cec is not Working , what package is needed for s905?
  2. @reddward : which usb wifi/bt dongle you got that is working Under armbian ? are the drivers included in kernel compiled ?
  3. Answering to myself : everything work now.. I changed boxes (i have several mini m8s) , and one is working (modprobe 8723bs display now a wlan0 in ifconfig) difference is that one box is bigger than the other, both have the same design, name and chipset serial (S905) be careful so
  4. hi all, same kind of problem for few days, trying to make wifi & bt to work on several boxes i have here : mini m8s (s905) , x96 mini (s905w), i have mecool and beelikn minimx too No luck for the moment, i'm going to try to use the box for Domoticz usage (installed it and had the webpage working but i have trouble with armbian and internal box hw) i bought them long time ago, not very sure if each of them support wifi (i think so ) and Bluetooth (not sure, at least x96mini doesn't) Armbian worked well (i found the correct dtb fil for each box) so