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  1. I should mention it functions normally with the firmware I have on it, I am neding help getting the Linux to work....
  2. I got a box a month ago off Amazon. Externally its labeled "MX Pro+ 4K" But it is running with 7.1.2 and the firmware I have flashed was a MXQ. The board says MXQ_S905X_D4 v1.2 and I have tried both SD and USB, it is going into uboot I think? (The light is red not blue) but I can't find a dtb that works. There is no display coming on when its trying to load from the uboot. I did mess up the firmware and was able to flash it using usb burning tool Any Ideas on how to make this work????? I messed up the original firmware and bricked it and had to short pins and reflash it with the firmware I could find but I would really like to know more about this box and how to get Linux working on it. It runs the autoscript and goes off and back on and then goes to blank (not supported) display from the TV. I would post over on freaktab but their site has been up and down lately.