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  1. Hmm, that is if i just add "_a" to all "mmcX_pins" names in problem files it would work?? Or not so simple?)
  2. I change u-boot version to 2018.05 and try build. I recieved the next error:
  3. Thank you very much. I'll try build tomorrow with changed version.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to say that I need a kernel version 3.4 for my specific software. Though i build 4.19 kernel version with 2018.11 u-boot but i still get the message "EHCI failed to shut down host controller" But boot continue success. This on 4.19 kernel and new uboot. And 3.4 kernel with the new u-boot does not loading. Can I somehow tell the build script to build the specified version of u-boot? I read https://docs.armbian.com/Developer-Guide_Build-Options/, but there nothing about how i can select u-boot version manually.
  5. Default version with console interface. I have attached the configuration file with which the build run. I tried 5 different SD cards and rebuilt the image several times, but it did not help. And i use etcher to burn image... Yes, with old image it perfect boot config-default.conf
  6. The problem is that the boot does not go any further. After message "Starting kernel" nothing happens
  7. Hi all. In Monday i build new version of Armbian image for Orange Pi One and after this i get next error while loading: This image contains newest version of U-Boot (2018.11). My old image build with 2018.05 U-Boot version. Loadin log of old image here: This logs made at one PC. I am concerned that in the second case booter find 2 USB devices. but in first case - double number. Anyone can help me with problem. or better write to u-boot support. Or maybe i can build my image with oldest version u-boot...? But i dont known how make this. Thanks.
  8. Hello! I do everything according to the instructions, but I get the same error every time: I'm using the latest version of Docker, include my user in Docker group, no spaces in full path to /build directory etc... In the error text clearly states that the required package is not found, but why?? Where it must be found? On another computer it's all fine worked and build, and version of host OS almost the same. I attached two files. The first is the output.log which is obtained with a successful build. I renamed it to builded.log Second is the output.log which is obtained with a UNsuccessful build. I renamed it to not_builded.log Tell me please, what could be problem. I nothing understand. Sorry, i could not attach files using internal forum tools. These external links: Builded log: https://upload.cat/1d1250d7d6cd8005 Not builded: https://upload.cat/468a7b18da5b7d04