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  1. ..okay-maybe not the ideal way, but I had no android for the box here..so for me worked pretty well booting the armbian from card with pressed recovery button and just re-copying the system to emmc via armbian-config again..also 19 alpha Libreelec builds boot/work again as expected, but neither coreelec nor official built images boot, like it should be.. Just installed Armbian_5.99_Aml-g12_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.4.0-rc6_desktop_20191010.img.xz (is the timestamp 1010 correct or should it be 1110?!). No issues so far on my x96 mini p281 s905w 2/16 test box.
  2. Hi, is there a way to re-install the proper bootloader (or whatever changes) after trying for example coreelec or older libreelecbuilds from card when armbian is installed on internal? I had the card from armbian install still available, so I could do a reinstall on emmc via armbian config. Is there a simple way to copy just the part coreelec or other systems "destroy"? Or is there even a simple way to change the boot-thing on the cards from the old one to the newer one working with armbian and the kodi 19 testing builds? By the way, Armbian_5.98_Aml-g12_Ubuntu_bionic_dev_5.4.0-rc4_desktop_20191025.img.xz works nice on the testing x96mini 2/16 s905w p281 box.
  3. I always use armbian-config for install onto eMMC on x96mini 2/16. Dtb I use is always meson-gxl-s905w-p281.dtb. Never had problems that way! On desktop version of 20190708 bionic build installed system works like expected with USB-soundcard(because my screen got no speakers and internal AV doesn't work..) and eth or usb-wifi. Disco desktop works on x96mini basically too, but there I need to start every configuration tool (armbian-config, gnome-language-selector..) or anything with "sudo" within a terminal. So disco never found its way onto my eMMC just on card..
  4. ..is it right, that the images in 905-folder are named 912?!
  5. Okay, on his box it is an micro-sd-card with libreelec, but a friend of mine just taped the slot with some black duct tape after inserting the card. It is nearly unvisible but prevents the kids disturbing the system when using their tv-box unattended... Maybe you do also a backup from the card on PC/Laptop after setting up the system to easily restore it when needed because kids messed around with the card..
  6. Google translates it that way: This behavior was in all releases) IMHO, this is primarily due to the scaling video, with software scaling. With the 720p, soc still manages, in the "in window" mode with 1080p - already a problem. When playing the corresponding permission in fullscreen, you don’t need to sign anything, and accordingly there are no problems. P.S. I saw a mention about puppyrus, but I can’t persistently fail to register for puppyrus, the activation letter just does not come to the gmail box)
  7. ..after setup on card I installed Armbian_5.72_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_next_5.0.0-rc3-next-20190125-g494367cb5-dirty_desktop.img.xz onto eMMC. Boot takes a bit longer compared to previous installed version, but works pretty good on x96mini 2/16G with ethernet and usb sound.
  8. ..after a quick check on card I installed Armbian_5.71_Aml-s905_Ubuntu_bionic_next_5.0.0-rc3-desktop onto eMMC. Works like a charm so far on x96mini 2/16G. If there will be a release with k 5 in 5.72 versions, I'll test it too..
  9. I tested 20190118-NEXT-Ubuntu-Desktop some hours from card and installed it via armbian-config successfully onto eMMC now. Works as expected pretty good with USB-Sound(hence I got no speakers on Monitor to provide HDMI-sound) and Ethernet LAN on 2/16GB x96mini. The system is responsive and runs smooth. Also start-up seems faster compared to older builds. @balbes150: After install I found the 20190122 images with kernel 4.20.2. What is new/changed in these builds?! As everything works pretty good on 5.0.0-rc2 for me, I'm not sure if I should downgrade kernel with newer version of image?!
  10. ..I guess @blakadder thought, that the deb files hosted with the images(which needs to be installed manually if needed) are some kind of Updatefiles to update in a similar way like the update on Libreelec!?.. To update the installed packages to newer versions sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get upgrade (or via Synaptic if installed) is the only way to do this properly. To update the whole Version (e.g. from 5.67 --> 5.71) you need to install the new image onto card to test and (if you want to) install it onto eMMC AFTER HAVING A WORKING SYSTEM ON CARD. If you backup your home directory before, it is much easier to get back your desired settings/files. Also a backup of the complete old system via ddbr is sometimes useful, if you install the new image to eMMC without testing enough or install fails somehow..
  11. Did you try all possible USB Ports with and without Power supply for the box? It took for me also some time to find out which usb port on which laptop is usable for flashing with the usb burning tool. Even on two identical Thinkpads I need to use one of the usb 3.0 ports on the first laptop, but the other burns boxes only on the usb 2 port. Until I found the right ports burning also stopped at 7%, but at the "good" port it works mostly at first attempt. Once(after a power failure whilst flashing) I had to shorten a Pin on eMMC to get the box running again, but I'd try the different combinations of ports first because this bricked device was not recognized from burning tool at all. What about writing desired image onto sd card with amlogic boot card maker(or how it is called)and try to boot that?
  12. ..after creating the user it takes 2-5 minutes until login screen appears. I can reduce the time a bit by moving the mouse around while cursor is blinking. let the system work a little more time, it seems you are on the right path!.. btw. usually you need only to edit the uEnv.ini file to choose another dtb file..
  13. ..you are sure that you got eMMC on your box?!-many got problems if it is nand instead, which needs somehow another attempt..
  14. Did you try to install it via the armbian-config tool? ..I always used that and got no problems to install..
  15. Did you try the option "Reboot from android" in the shutdown menu from Libreelec to get back in row?!