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  1. Is there lvds screen compatible with humming board pro version on armbian and if not wich lvds 30pin will u recomend to modify or assist to work on the HB pro
  2. i was wondering and asked many times without answer q:how can i make image for android supports screen autorotate by accelero/gyro sensor and what type of good accelerometer may compatible with android usage
  3. Yes right they have syntax errors n ther brains
  4. Yes ur right @tkaiser it has the crappy micro usb and it needs 3A power but its good price for Intel atom x5-8300 64bit with acceptable performance 64emmc and unlocked 4Gb of ram combined with good GPU unit combined with Intel Gen8 HD graphics that compatible intel wirless display feature pretty design and simplified Most thing that attracted me is GPIO controls running lovely linux destros slightly the Ubuntu/debian 64bits
  5. Official website is online one hour ago lattepanda http://www.lattepanda.com/ i'll be excited to know about this board and its support if someone did a review for it
  6. soufyen


    Hi, please i want to know how to use an accelerometer to activate the auto rotate settings on android image whats the file responsible for iknw little about java but ineed some one to drive me for the first steps the best accelero/gyro sensor and how to compile driver and make it word on android and i have another question about autorotion on linux is possible cz i heared that must be robboted to take effects for screen rotation on linux thanks
  7. thanks orange pi gpios is the same as rpi b+ if i confegured this screen well can it be work on opi? it works for our 5" and 7" 800x480 displays. Both touch and non-touch displays https://learn.adafruit.com/adafruit-dpi-display-kippah-ttl-tft?view=all
  8. Hi, this is a 5 TFT screen will work with orangepi plus ? https://www.adafruit.com/products/2453
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