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  1. How can I tell that u-boot detects usb drive as a mass storage device? I copied /boot from /dev/mmcblk1 (sdcard) to usb drive unmounted the sdcard put copied files into /boot on usb drive edited new /boot/armbianEnv.txt to set rootdev to UUID of usb drive as reported from gnome-disks powered off and removed sdcard powered on and no boot. I then noticed that the file /boot/boot.cmd also contains: setenv rootdev "/dev/mmcblk1" changed to: setenv rootdev "/dev/sda1" rebooted, but still won't boot without sdcard. Ideas?
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread! As a new Armbian user on Rock64, I found this thread while searching for a guide on how to boot from a usb device. After playing around with partitions and the armbian-config utility, I realized that after copying rootfs to the usb device, the board will still read from the /boot partition on the sd card, then will load rootfs from the external drive. If the board is powered on without the sd card, boot will fail. This method works fine for my purposes. If there is a way to configure the rock64 to read from a /boot partition on a usb device, I haven't found one. I hope this helps any other new folks like myself who want to run Armbian from usb/ssd on Rock64. Cheers!