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  1. Hello again, I have tried million of things but none of them works. I found a post which is succeeded about running camera with gc2035 and v4l2 drivers on orange pi plus 2e. Link is below (look at 2. post). http://www.orangepi.org/orangepibbsen/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=2578 But he tried in 5.20 jessie release. I've search everywhere about 5.20 jessie kernel but unfortunately I can't find. I want to try 5.20 jessie kernel for OPi+2e in my last chance. Could you please help me about this image. Thank in advance @chwe
  2. I have tried this solution before but result is same. When I test my camera with motion sw; I face with "UNABLE TO OPEN VIDEO DEVICE" with a gray background. Like below; gc2035, vfe_v4l2, v4l2loopback drivers loads with no problem but I haven't got any result. Also I tried fswebcam sw and I get the message below; --- Opening /dev/video0... Trying source module v4l2... /dev/video0 opened. No input was specified, using the first. Unable to find a compatible palette format.
  3. I have tried legacy kernel. But unfortunately the problem mentioned at the link below occurs. (/dev/video is not appears) People in this link has overcome with trying 5.20 jessie release. Where can I get 5.20 jessie release ? I have not found in archive directory of download page. Is it possible build this specific kernel(3.4.112) from git repository ? Downgrading via "apt-get install linux-image-sun8i=5.20" command had not work. Thank in advance @chwe
  4. Hello, Unfortunately as I read from forums mainline kernel has no driver for gc2035 and v4l2 driver. I have tried Armbian_5_65 and Armbian_5_59 debian stretch but they are not contains these drivers and eventually modprobe command fails. As I understand, I have 2 different solutions to run camera on my system; 1- Going back to legacy build. But I do not know how to go back the legacy build which is last supporter these drivers. 2- Installing required drivers. (Also I want to prefer this solution because going back to legacy build may cause some bugs) How can I install required drivers to mainline stable build and where can I find them ? I am a very very newcomer to this side. This is my very first experiment about Orange pi, soc and armbian OS. Finally, I have Orange Pİ Plus 2e and CSI interface camera. I need to run this device with current hardware. Thanks in advance.
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