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  1. Hello experts! Yet another person asking for help! (YAPAFH) I have made a purchase of a very cheap Android box with the sole intention of running Armbian on these boxes. I have purchased 3 of them. To my surprise I couldn't find the SD card slot, so opening it up I see the SD card slot is missing, but the footprint is on the board, and looks like the related components were not placed. Is there any point in trying to get Armbian working on this box? Can I load via USB? (with no SD card initially) Thank you in advance for your time! SirRedZ
  2. I have purchaed the MeCool M8S Pro W 2g / 16g box also. I have not been able to run Armbian on this box via SD card, although I was able to get CoreElec running. I copied the .dtb file from CoreElec and used it with my Arbian config and it did not boot. I placed the file in both dtb and the dtb folder for extlinux and I edited both config files appropriately. I have tried the provided DTB files to no avail. If I have a working dtb file with CoreElec; does that mean it WILL work with Armbian? Thanks for your time. -=SrZ=-