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  1. Hi, thanks for reply, I have found it, but seems it is one man show like LibreElec was and not really stable (users report crashes of Kodi). Thus I have decide to not buy La Frite. La Frite and Le Potato is not ready for multimedia. Maybe someday when will be support in kernel... Best option today (price / performance / market availability) seems to be future rpi4, there is warranty that it will be supported and it will works for some, hope long, time. Radius
  2. Thanks. I tell because libreElec drops unofficial support, thus Le Potato / La Frite is pointless. If there will be support in kernel, it would be great! Radius
  3. Hi, Does Le Potato accelerate Kodi? I don't see 'multimedia' image, does it standard image with vanila kernel? Thanks Radius