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  1. I found the error. I am using the UART console and forgot to remove the TX pin before booting. Is there any solution for this problem?
  2. Tested both images no luck, stuck at DDR Version 1.13 20180801 In
  3. Great, can you tell me what you have done?
  4. Hmm, strange why not try boot flow 2 (SPL/TPL)?
  5. Correct me If I am wrong, what I understood from the U-boot and Rockchip boot documentation is: - There are two flows: - (Flow 1) with rockchip miniloader with and without atf-image (the armbian way) - (Flow 2) with uboot-SPL/TPL with and without atf image (with FIT script) (the ayufan way) In our case we use Flow 1 - for sdHC card boot we need different images for each boot stage: - idbloader.img (Boot stage 2) - uboot.img (Boot stage 3) - trust.img (Boot stage 3) - boot.img (Boot stage 4) - rootfs.img (Boot stage 5) Here the recommended rockchip procedure: - the recommended GPT partition layout is: Partition Hex-Offset Size Boot Type ================================================================================== MBR 00000000 0.5KB Primary GPT 00000001 31.5KB loader1 00000040 2.5MB 1 preloader (miniloader or U-Boot SPL) Vendor Storage 00001c00 256KB SN, MAC and etc. Reserved Space 00001e00 192KB Not used reserved1 00001f80 64KB legacy DRM key U-Boot ENV 00001fc0 32KB reserved2 00002000 4MB legacy parameter loader2 00004000 4MB 2 U-Boot or UEFI trust 00006000 4MB 3 trusted-os like ATF, OP-TEE boot(set bootable) 00008000 112MB 4 kernel, dtb, extlinux.conf, ramdisk rootfs 00040000 -MB 5 Linux system Following ayufan's layout, uboot and rockchip advise we could: Example below is not precise enough but give an idea how to do it... This make sense to me and at the end we have: For sdHC cards X=1, eMMC X=0: <- not shure mmcblkXp6 - boot (with extlinux) and mmcblkXp7 - rootfs (linux distro) Why is the armbian's layout building only one partition?
  6. Hi all , I built a development RockPro64 image and attached the serial console. After booting the sdHC card I got stuck at: Can someone enlighten me what is wrong with BL31? Apparently the u-boot loader was OK, found BL31. Is somewhere a brief explanation what the steps of booting a RockPro64 image are and what is involved in this process. (bootloader, BL31, kernel, ...) > https://github.com/u-boot/u-boot/tree/master/board/rockchip/evb_rk3399 I found an interesting entry about reformatting the partitions after dd'ing > https://forum.pine64.org/archive/index.php?thread-5210.html could this be the root cause of it? Thanks a lot!
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