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  1. I know very well what I'm talking about. PI4 is not valid example as it is a different hardware. I.m talking about SAME hardware without GPU involved, without load, on idle, on 2 different kernels. Obviously it is a software issue, and definitely it is a bug, and not a feature. It does not matter if new kernel expose new features as long as those featuress are not used. And if those features by themselves , without to be used, rise temperature with about 15 Celsius obviously represent a bug. But I understand, no one know the reason. And if you don't know the reason or it's difficult to fix it's a trend to say: Oh. no, it's not a bug , it's a feature. Your hardware is too old. You need to buy a new hardware for that! Now a different question but related to this: Are there anywhere on internet images for S912 with 4.20 kernel?
  2. I agree. But still, almost 20 Celsius difference at idle is not justifiable. What feature, not used, might put such a load on the CPU? On old kernel, like this new one, everything works, WIFI, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Sound, HDMI. The frequency limit might exists on older kernel, but again I'm talking about idle state, when the frequency anyway should be low. I compared DTB on both kernels. There are changes but minimal. Voltage seems to not be changed, unless it is somewhere else hard coded.
  3. I installed recently on GT1 ultimate (S912) Armbian 20.02 RC1 Buster downloaded from https://yadi.sk/d/_rQgn_FosYuW0g/20.02/20200205 based on 5.5 rc6 kernel. I deactivate X, stopping more all less all unnecessary processes, with the goal in mind to have as few running processes as possible. The goal was to run an apache server on it. However without apache running, and in idle state (running top confirm that no processes are eating CPU) the temperature was in range 0f 56- 58 Celsius. Same hardware but with an older armbian image Stretch (which I could not found on web anymore) based on 4.20 kernel in the same instalation software, the temperature is somewhere in 42-44 Celsius. Why so big difference? Is kernel 5.5 known to be more resource hungry than 4.20, to justify such big difference. I have one system on a sdcard, and the other on a different one, so I could test both in same day, so change in hardware/cooling is out of question.
  4. Is there any image with Kodi that works (with accelerated HW) ? I tried Armbian_5.67_Aml-s9xxx_Debian_stretch_default_4.19.0-rc7_desktop_20181117.img.xz . Then installed kodi through apt-get install kodi. It installed properly but when I tried to run it it gave me : DRI2 canno9t authenticate and no window appear. Everything else works fine. (X seems to not be accelerated). I tried also old one aml-kodi-debian_5.41_arm64.deb and install kodi and aml-codec from deb packages. Installed properly but when I run it (after fixing libEGL symbolic link) X background appear 4 times on screen, (everything is multiplicated 4 times) and only reboot fix it. I installed librelec and there kodi works fine, but I need to install other things beside kodi... I have Beeklink GT1 Ultimate (S912) with 3G (not sure if they are real or fake). Thank You