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  1. Sorry martinayotte, u-boot-i2c is working but w/o i2c!? u-boot-mizi.bin has i2c working but not compatible with Armbian (OpenWrt)... Soft i2c in u-boot, is it possible? I've build u-boot with .dts and board.c changes and didn't note how - so stupid.
  2. Thanks martinayotte, I2C was working (in u-boot-mizi.bin not in u-boot-i2c!!!) but SD Card can not boot with Armbian after replacing U-Boot.
  3. What am I doing: git clone u-boot/make orangepi_zero_defconfig u-boot/make u-boot/export card=/dev/mmcblk0 u-boot/export p=p u-boot/dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=${card} bs=1024 seek=8 reboot = not booting I'm tried this with git:// not working. What am I doing wrong?
  4. I had it and lost it: u-boot with I2C. I did not write down how I did it (was heavy) Tried to build yourself again: does not work. u-boot-mizi.bin does not want to boot. For 2 days I try to find the solution. Google has already blocked me Can somebody help? I need i2c directly, after power on, to read FRAM and set relays. Programming in Linux is enjoyable but system administration is horrible. Thanks
  5. Hi sfx2000, Another possibility, thanks. I will check it. Did you mean: systemd doesn't always work?
  6. Sure, if I can help. I'm a beginner in Linux but have a lot of experience with uC programming. I'm always looking for aunt google before I 'engage' forum. But for beginner, the biggest problem is: how do I ask the question?! I'm always saying my friends: I can not program, but I can google. Thank again...
  7. guidol! It is working absolutely perfect. In most programming forums you get arrogantly stupid answers (guys who just want to satisfy quote, who has more answers today). Here you get the right help. Thank you. Andy
  8. Thanks guidol, It's really working! I would never thought it. I spent the last 2 weeks fighting with the boot time (important for me) and now I suddenly lose 10 seconds. Works with 5 s, but I do not like timers on the edge. I do not like to wait, no matter where. There is no another (elegant) solution? When booting, Linux should send short UDP broadcast datagram. It's all. Thanks guidol again. It was helpful.
  9. Hi I'm trying to start own service with rc.local automatically on the boot: sudo systemctl start Announce.service I can successful start it manually from terminal (/etc/rc.local) but it is not starting automatically on the boot. rc.local ist starting ([ OK ] Started /etc/rc.local Compatibility new / new is from me) I didn't find any solution by google. Thanks Andy
  10. I did it. It is not difficult in Linux. Finding the guide (for beginners) is difficult. SPI (sf) is not working (till now).
  11. Thanks for answer. I wanted to change defconfig, make u-boot and replace the files but i didn't find any description of armbian u-boot. If I understand it right: I can switch SPI or I2C for boot terminal only with new compiling. I do not want to boot form SPI or I2C only read external memory and change GPIO before booting.
  12. Hi, I try to play with Armbian Stretch mainline kernel 4.14.y on Orange Pi Zero and need for my idea sf funktion (SPI) and i2c in u-boot terminal. I've build mainline U-Boot but the files in /boot directory from armbian looks so "strange". There is any description how to replace the files or make changes. Thanks for help. P.S. Have a lot of experience with uC programming, less with Linux.