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  1. Target board is Orange Pi PC+ based on H3 the <ump/ump.h> file is needed which must contains in linux-headers-XXX-sunxi with version match to 20.02.0-rc1 however aptitude search linux-h | grep sunxi outputs linux-headers-current-sunxi 19.11.3 <none> Linux kernel headers for 5.3.9-sunxi on armhf linux-headers-legacy-sunxi 19.11.3 <none> Linux kernel headers for 4.19.84-sunxi on armhf linux-headers-next-sunxi 5.92 <none> Linux kernel headers for 4.19.62-sunxi on armhf And there is no version for 5.4.14 (20.02.0)
  2. Same issue I got today when upgrade to Armbian 5.60 As recommend I've loaded from SD card (same content as eMMC) copied /boot folder from SD to eMMC, changed rootdev UUID in armbianEnv.txt. It doesn't help. Do I need to recompile boot.scr or something like this?