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  1. Khm. Thank you and sorry for being blind.
  2. Problem: No usb power on all ports except for OTG port on Rock Pi 4C. Images: Ubuntu Bionic Legacy Desktop, Ubuntu Focal Legacy, Ubuntu Focal Current Desktop Monitoring information: Ubuntu Bionic Legacy Desktop - http://ix.io/2wlL Ubuntu Focal Current Desktop: http://ix.io/2wlZ
  3. If screen is fine with 5V as Power source - you will be fine in terms of power. But you will need to look does Ubuntu have drivers to send video signal over USB (short answer - most likely no, since GPU is not connected to USB as far as i remember and you will get heavy lags on screen that will go thought USB since it will render itself via CPU, which is not great for this job at all)
  4. Yes, i understand that much, just to clarify from where mitag got idea of this behavior
  5. On armbian there is problem with HDMI. That what i have in terminal (kinda hard to see on video, but symbols tremble a bit) P.S. Also default Radxa image have other boot priority. I.e. microsd is the first one to boot.
  6. Dante4

    NanoPI M4

    Can someone post result (if possible with logs) of glmark2-es2 And glmark2-es2 --off-screen ? Please
  7. The problem is - i don't get 60fps (or 30, or anything that could possible be my screen update rate). Logs says that everything is on, but benchmark shows otherwise. I get around 40 fps for most tests. And for off-screen it shouldn't even matter, but NanoPi T4 gets ~500 score (at least that what i was told) and 59-60 fps in normal test (from screenshot on Friendlyelec wiki). So, i'm getting lost and starting to think that maybe i did something wrong. That's why i need to see results of other rk3399 boards
  8. Please, can someone run glmark2-es2 and glmark2-es2 --off-screen and post logs? Because I'm somewhat feel insanity right now. I have glamor initialized, i have GPU detected, but results just too low
  9. libGL error happens because application require OpenGL that Mali don't have. It have nothing to do with gbm. To fix it you need to do LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/gl4es <application>
  10. That what i'm thinking about, but before i need to read how to do it
  11. Wanna add about ubuntu-server that was minimized to xfce4 with minimize && apt-get install xfve4 xfce4-goodies, startx used from sudo su. Under this conditions i installed all *.deb from libraries + xserver + kodi + did all changes that was inside .sh script (i.e. edit file inside xorg.init.d) with command dpkg --unpack *.deb (yes, in right folders) and apt-get install -f -y. After this, Chromium and es2gears see Mali driver, but...Chromium (with h264ify) can't play 1080p60fps (which he can with pure software) (Chromium 32bit fails here too) and after I use command kodi-gbm-wrapper and click enter I may not move mouse or click keyboard for a bit and then everything back to normal, but Kodi still doesn't start up. gl4es working, i.e. vcmi (heroes 3) is working with it, but performance is the same as for software, maybe a little bit better
  12. I.e. Is it possible to use this script with "just" Ubuntu Bionic? I.e. Why "Armbian Ubuntu Bionic" and not just "Ubuntu Bionic"? With technical point, not advertise
  13. ??? I wasn't asking about Debian at all in my post. Only about ubuntu bionic (server edition).
  14. About this, your script should be possible to run under just Ubuntu Bionic (that was unminimized from servef version) in theory there shouldn't be any problems if kernel is the last version, right?
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