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  1. No. I want to use only "stretch" ditribution. I want to use armbian building script on my own, but in limited scope. In my configuration I put DISTROS=("stretch") I have to sign my packages with my key, because I have not got access to your Armbian key. This is the reason why I have to replace the ARMBIAN public key. I do not want to overwrite files from the original git repository (in example armbian.key...). A separate fork must then be maintained and merged.
  2. I need customization in configuration file for: a) DISTROS=("jessie" "xenial" "stretch" "bionic") b) ${SCRIPTPATH}config/armbian.key I want to make patch for it, but I need a few decisions: 1. Should I use lib.config as the configuration source? Maybe we prefer a separate file? 2. Can I unify RELEASE_LIST=("xenial" "jessie" "stretch" "bionic") from build-all and DISTROS=("jessie" "xenial" "stretch" "bionic") from into one common parameter? 3. Do we accept the name for the parameter: GPG_PUBLIC_KEY=config/armbian.key?