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  1. Can we add .editorconfig to ?!
  2. Igor: Can I replace ntp by chrony? Old systems have been untouched. In new system users should use new config in /etc/chrony.
  3. In my opinion ntp should be replaced by chrony. Benefits of Chrony include: 1. Faster synchronization requiring only minutes instead of hours to minimize the time and frequency error, which is useful on desktops or systems not running 24 hours a day. 2. Better response to rapid changes in the clock frequency, which is useful for virtual machines that have unstable clocks or for power-saving technologies that don’t keep the clock frequency constant. 3. After the initial synchronization, it never steps the clock so as not to affect applications needing system time to be monotonic. 4. Better stability when dealing with temporary asymmetric delays, for example when the link is saturated by a large download. 5. Periodic polling of servers is not required, so systems with intermittent network connections can still quickly synchronize clocks. I can prepare patch and pull request, but I need initial confirmation.
  4. No. I want to use only "stretch" ditribution. I want to use armbian building script on my own, but in limited scope. In my configuration I put DISTROS=("stretch") I have to sign my packages with my key, because I have not got access to your Armbian key. This is the reason why I have to replace the ARMBIAN public key. I do not want to overwrite files from the original git repository (in example armbian.key...). A separate fork must then be maintained and merged.
  5. I need customization in configuration file for: a) DISTROS=("jessie" "xenial" "stretch" "bionic") b) ${SCRIPTPATH}config/armbian.key I want to make patch for it, but I need a few decisions: 1. Should I use lib.config as the configuration source? Maybe we prefer a separate file? 2. Can I unify RELEASE_LIST=("xenial" "jessie" "stretch" "bionic") from build-all and DISTROS=("jessie" "xenial" "stretch" "bionic") from into one common parameter? 3. Do we accept the name for the parameter: GPG_PUBLIC_KEY=config/armbian.key?