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  1. Hi! Finally, as I suspected, it was the cable. I just bought a proper Cat 6 cable and guess what?! 973Mbits/sec. Awesome!!! It seems the old cable was defective... Thank you for helping! Best regards
  2. Hi, I have the RTL8211E :-/ By the way. Something weird happened. I have all the network connected using Cat 5e cables and Cat 6, but yesterday I found a shorter Cat 5 cable that I was not using and, just to test it, i used it to connect the banana. Guess what? Now iperf is showing 40Mbit/sec! I don't understany anything! xD. The cable used to connect the banana was a cross-over Cat 5e cable. I will go today and buy some Cat 6 cables to replace all the ones that I have and I will test everything again, because the results are quite weird. Thank you for your time, Best regards
  3. Hi, I installed 'Armbian_5.00_Bananapim2_Ubuntu_trusty_4.4.1_desktop' image recently, because I had some problems with sinovoip images (strange hugh? ). One of the problems was the gigabit ethernet slowness, but it seems with the armbian OS is still the same. I get around 30Mbit/sec only on iperf tests. I have tested my network connections & router and I can get much more speed through other computers, but the banana shows this slow mark. The gigabit ethernet connection was one of the reasons tu buy the banana, but I don't know if I am doing something wrong, if I have a bad unit, etc... I have found some internet benchmarks but all of them are based on the original banana pi, which shows very good ethernet speeds. Any help will be much appreciated, Best Regards,