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  1. model = "GL.inet GL-MV1000 (Marvell)"; compatible = "marvell,espressobin-rev7", "marvell,armada-3720-community", "marvell,armada3720", "marvell,armada3710";
  2. After an upgrade from stretch to buster, the odroid u3 works fine with the linux-kernel-armmp 4.19... I just "reset" use my flash-kernel/bootscript.odroid version
  3. ArmBian may be customized to support the Odroid-u3 board. I have made a script to build image from scratch few years ago, and I have updated it more recently to build an debian fom scratch system for odroid-u3, with official debian armmp linux kernel... All work fine, from bootup to system, with a little customization of flash-kernel and partition map... May be I get a little time to enhanced this suport... or to share my "bad" user script... ;-)