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  1. WZ9V

    Le Potato - writing armbian to eMMC

    I've read the whole thread and only understand about 50% of it. To summarize is there a relatively easy way to get the current stable Armbian Stretch (4.14y) to boot from eMMC on the Le Potato? I have it working on a Tinkerboard S but the darn thing only goes about two minutes at 100% before throttling in the Pi-Top V2 case I'm using. The Le Potato I've stressed for several hours in the same case and it remained full speed but I'd rather it run off of the eMMC if possible. If not I'll just run off of SD for now since it sounds like the next bump will have a way to do it that doesn't require super kernel kung fu powers.
  2. WZ9V

    Tinkerboard S and Pi-Top CEED

    Armbian 5.59 Bionic Legacy 4.4.152 boots and displays desktop Armbian 5.59 Bionic Mainline 4.14.67boots but no desktop When the FTDI cable arrives I'll capture the serial output of 4.14.67. Do you need 4.4.152 also for comparison? BTW, Legacy stops working if I do the software update in the Armbian config utility. So it appears it something since that image was updated caused it to break.
  3. WZ9V

    Tinkerboard S and Pi-Top CEED

    Ordered a serial FTDI cable so I can hookup the debug terminal. Until that arrives from Amazon I can pull information from TinkerOS 2.0.8 if you tell me what you want me to run and capture.
  4. WZ9V

    Tinkerboard S and Pi-Top CEED

    Just tried the 4.19 Kernel Beta and I get a solid red led and a flashing yellow one with no display.
  5. WZ9V

    Tinkerboard S and Pi-Top CEED

    This biggest chip I can see on the top side of the HDMI to 30pin board has the number STDP2600 not entirely sure since I couldn't find the magnifiers and had to use the aging Mark 1 eyeballs. Took picture with phone and magnified part number is STDP2600 if that doesn't sound right I can see if there is some other chip on the bottom of the board. Pretty sure it is the converter on the hub board because Le Potato board also does not start the video correctly.
  6. I put a TinkerBoard in a Pi-Top CEED and using TinkerOS 2.0.8 it boots and the LCD works fine. Using Armbian it looks like it boots but nothing is displayed on the LCD. The Pi-Top CEED uses a HDMI to 30-pin converter board and the current LCD is a 1920x1080 14in that I used to upgrade the original. Any ideas why the Raspberry running Raspbian and The Tinkerboard running TinkerOS would work with the display but Armbian wouldn’t?