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  1. Is there an easy (as in a script or utility) way to install Armbian on the eMMC of a Le Potato? I dug through the forum and all the information was old and it seemed rather painful.
  2. Is there any plan to port to the Pinebook Pro?
  3. I bought the new heatsink with fan that plugs into the fan connector. When power up the fan is not running, should it be or is it something the OS needs to setup after boot?
  4. Thanks, I’ll download the new one and see if it fixes the problem on my PiTop CEED with the Tinkerboard/s in it. I’m currently using a patched version from azq2 who originally reported this and it fixed my HDMI issues with that setup.
  5. Is that the Tinkerboard /S Bionic Desktop Mainline 4.19Y link on Downloads?
  6. @Azq2, Tried it first thing this morning. Desktop came up fine once I had keyboard connected to login. I did the updates, configured WiFi and am typing this on the TinkerBoard powered pi-topCEED. Thanks so much for the help
  7. Downloaded and imaged. I'm at least seeing the startup messages now. I'll have to dig up the keyboard and mouse so I can log in and test further. Thanks.
  8. No luck with the March 10th nightly either.
  9. Manually extracting and copying them to the emmc didn't work. Could be a version mismatch, the image I used was legacy desktop 5.75 and it looked like your debs are for 5.76 based on the directory names. I guess I could try a nightly to see if that has hopes of working.
  10. I never got as far as installing yours. I couldn’t even get it to start up enough to ssh into it to try and install the packages. i guess I could extract them on my laptop and try writing them to the eMMC. I tried all of the current Armbian images and none of them ot past the red LED with a flashing yellow one and no wired ethernet so I could ssh in.
  11. Here is what I see from TinkerOS 2.0.8 cat /sys/devices/platform/display-subsystem/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1/modes 1920x1080p60 1920x1080p39 xrandr Can't open display I have a full desktop on the LCD when I run these via a ssh session
  12. I moved it back to Armbian 5.75 with the legacy 4.4 kernel and now I don't even see it on the network. I get the green LED and flashing yellow. Just to check I re-flashed TinkerOS 2.0.8 and it comes up fine and I see it on the network.
  13. Thanks, I’ll give those a shot.
  14. I tried following all that but I got lost. I think your saying I need to compile a new kernel with your pull request applied and then switch over to that. Have never tried building a kernel before, any chance you have a working one for 5.75 bionic desktop you could share?
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