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  1. Sorry if the community feels offended, but if issues like this will not fixed the board will never be competitive. Of course the manufacturer (sunxi, or whathever it's called) should cooperate seriously with the community, otherwise it will be out of business very soon. The opi has already a pretty bad reputation and if nothing will be made, I guarantee that this will be the last one that I've bought from sunxi.
  2. the "ubuntu xenial default desktop" works too and it's not android. You cannot power it back on from it's own pushbutton, but at least it shuts down properly when you give the "sudo poweroff" command and the board stays cool in standby. It's so hard to avoid the "system halted" issue on the latest releases?
  3. In my orange pi plus 2e I have installed the latest version of armbian based on ubuntu bionic 18.04.1 (kernel 4.14.84-sunxi) and it works fine, but when I try to shutdown (either with "sudo poweroff" or "sudo shutdown -h now") it displays "reboot: system halted" and I need to unplug everything manually. Is a workaround to make armbian to shut down the opi properly and possibly to power it back again from his power putton instead of plug and unplug it every time? I read in some other posts that the power putton of the opi is not connected to everything, but this is definitely not tr