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  1. Hello, Does anyone have experience how the USB 3 speeds are with the Orange Pi 3? Are the measured speeds with the SSD normal? Is there anything I can do or test to help? Unfortunately, I am not a programmer and can analyze and solve the problem myself. Regards Stephan
  2. I now made some tests with Armbian Focal. Here is the log of this system: http://ix.io/3BR8 The samba performance is the same like with Armbian Buster. Additionally I tested the perfomance with a USB3 SSD which is formatted as ext4. With a Windows PC and ntfs file system this SSD is capable to read and write about 300MB/s. With samba i get write speeds of about 60MB/s (the first 2 seconds I have write speeds of 110MB/s). In netdata is the iowait value at about 30% and the SSD utilization constant at 100% while writing. The read speed is about 90 MB/s. After that I tested the write speed with the dd command. The SSD achieves 70MB/s and the HDD 77MB/s. The HDD with ntfs is even faster than the SSD with ext4. Why is my SSD so slow? I am doing something wrong or is that the performance to expect of the Orange Pi 3?
  3. Hello, here is the log: http://ix.io/3BPk It really seams to be the same problem because I also use Debian Buster. Currently Armbian Debian is installed at the emmc storage of the orange pi. If I install Armbian Focal on the SD card I can test this build without destroying the Debian build on the emmc, or?
  4. Hello, I am using armbian now for some time as a smb server on my Orange Pi 3. It's working but I am not really happy with the performance. I only get write speeds up to 30-40 MB/s. On netdata I saw that the cpu utilization is very unstable. The writing speed on the hdd is also not constant and oscillating like the cpu utilization. Does anybody have a clue why I have this oscillating cpu utilization and the low samba performance? Are there any tweaks to improve the performance? Short infos about the used system newest armbian version all devices connected over Gigabit LAN 2,5" USB 3.0 HDD connected on the blue USB port of the orange pi 3 HDD currently formatted as NTFS, but I already tried ext4 which made no improvement Best Regards Stephan
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