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  1. For the last few years I have been working on some hardware projects based on ARM SBCs. Every board I work with seems to have different kernel/overlay/GPIO/etc issues. So my question is - Which SBC, or chipset, has most complete and stable Armbian support? In other words if you had to pick a board to go into battle to run Armbian, without knowing any specific requirements, which SBC would it be?
  2. Trying to get the serial port working on pins 24 and 26 of the espressobin. I've tried all of the armbian builds, plus building the kernel from the Marvell github repo - various branches. On the 4.4.52 kernels, the serial port on the header pins shows up with port of 0000 and IRQ of 8, but will not work. On the 4.14 kernels, I get port 0000 and IRQ 0, and also doesn't work Has anyone managed to get the serial port working on the header pins 24,26 of the espressobin? I have posted more detail here on the github page but no progress so thought I'd
  3. For anyone who lands here from a web search trying to get kernel PPS working with the Tinkerboard on armbian. I failed going the overlay route, and also failed to add a new patch to the /userpatches/kernel/rockchip-next/ directory. In both cases I don't have enough experience here to figure out why. But, I did manage to get the device tree item into rt3288.dtsi file by copying one of the files which modify it from /patches/kernel/rockchip-next into the /userpatches/kernel/rockchip-next directory and modifying it. When copying it over, the build system uses any file with
  4. Hi All, first thanks for the great work getting Armbian up and running on the Tinkerboard. It's been rock solid for me. In the TinkerOS repo, they have created an overlay for PPS (1 pulse per second from GPS devices for keeping time): https://github.com/TinkerBoard/debian_kernel/blob/develop/arch/arm/boot/dts/overlays/pps-gpio-overlay.dts I spent the day building Armbian using the vagrant build system, which is working well, but I haven't managed to figure out how to get this overlay integrated. I also created a patch with the core change to rk32