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  1. Same here, hangs with new 20.08.1 images and when running dist-upgrade from 20.08.
  2. Is it enabled in Armbian kernel though? Last I checked it wasn't.
  3. Tanix TX6 is H6 based Android TV Box and it can boot from SD cards prepared with PhoenixCard. It should be possible to make it work with Armbian too, right? I tried a recent Lite2 image, it didn't work, but it also didn't boot main Android, which means SD boot takes priority. I don't think it's a normal behavior for other Android TV boxes, but maybe it is for those with H6 boards.
  4. I was wrong, it works fine https://forum.armbian.com/topic/9107-lite2-can-someone-share-a-working-image-with-me/ I have two USB ethernet devices, one worked, one didn't. In USB2 port though, not USB3.
  5. Well, it works, that red LED misled me. With everything else so far it turned green shortly after powering up with a bootable card.
  6. Well the image that report describes isn't available, is it? https://dl.armbian.com/orangepilite2/nightly/ doesn't have it and https://dl.armbian.com/orangepilite2/archive/ is empty. Maybe it's a good idea to keep at least one of those when a report is made?
  7. Doesn't boot as far as I can tell, red LED. If that's normal, then I'll check further. I ordered some USB-TTL, but I don't have it yet. Images that I got from official site work (android and ubuntu).
  8. Latest doesn't seem to work at all, so something like 5.59 4.18.0-rc7-sunxi64 mentioned here https://github.com/armbian/testings would be ideal. Alternatively is there a way I can build old version myself? I ran ./compile docker BOARD=orangepilite2 BRANCH=dev but resulting image doesn't work also.
  9. I tried a few also, can anyone point out a definitely working image? I've heard that some images need more power than common USB chargers provide, which I find kinda strange. Anyway, out of those that are provided on official site I have OrangePi_Lite2_Ubuntu16.04_Desktop_Xfce_Beta.tar.gz and OrangePi_Lite2_Android_7.0_en_gapps_v1.3.img.tar.gz working. I don't expect HDMI to work, but those that I tried didn't even give green LED.
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