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  1. thanks but unfortunate i got 1080p ! It is possible to overclock this cpu cause in the box it show 2Ghz of cpu clock speed , but in ubuntu is 1,2Ghz and Go full load when i scrolling but not smooth
  2. Wifi working well open application a bit slow ( my sdcard class 4 8gb ) chrome work but extreme slow look like 12fps when play video (cpu not full load) for who dont know im using dtb 281 .
  3. thanks balbes for make my device alive but i have a little issue , i installed lastest ubuntu version kerner 3.14.29 it booted , but look like screen is zoom in , i see only my desktop without taskbar i try to change resolution to 720p it boot to login screen after that nothing show up ! please help me THANK YOU FOR GREAD WORK ! which version recommended on my x96mini and DEB file THANK
  4. hi is me again i have search in THIS topic and finished setup pass information it showing "Reboot the system as soon as possible" im reboot and it showing again , i did is 10 TIME before im come here for help , im using the lastest ver with dtb meson-gxm-khadas-vim2 thanks ! does sdcard size matter cause i have 2 one is 2gb and 4gb i tried 2 of them !
  5. hi im using x96mini (s905w) i tried 201, 212 but not work i go back to 20180507 ver (Armbian_5.41.1_S9xxx_Debian_stretch_3.14.29_server_20180507) without error but can boot to home screen is shows REBOOT THE SYSTEM AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and over again ! please tell me what i need to do >thanks NOW IS STUCK HERE
  6. hi on s905w soc are you used dtb file and name of that ! thanks im using x96mini and NOT WORK AT ALL
  7. Hi please help ! I try install on my x96mini (s905w) but cant boot into homescreen tried all dtb file from s905x to s905 at lastest version i see new one file call s905w i tried it too but cant pass the ton of word , alway have error like failed cant not start network etc etc filesystem and alot word ! Anyone have done with this please help me out of this show me what dtb you used and ver sdcard or usb , thanks