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  1. Hi thanks for replying back and thanks for linking me Tido, but I still couldn't get anywhere with this box. I'll try explain more clearly as to what I've managed to do to it lol. Currently I can dual boot, on my internal storage I have an android rom with no root, a default recovery which has broken my pressing reset button to flash over usb. On the sd card I can boot into armbian, iv'e tried 3 images and they all work. So to the point: Is there a way for me to flash a recovery.img or my box's default android system.img to my internal storage through armbian? As I cannot do anything through the android that is currently installed. It's unrootable and the otb installer is broken in the rom so I cant flash through that either. Thanks!
  2. Page 2 of which thread bud? I tried searching but couldn't nail the correct search query, not super good at this stuff sorry :<
  3. Hi, long story short I managed to flash a rom that killed my dual booting and my recovery, it now locks up on splash screen just after boot BUT i can still launch armbian from a SD card and only armbian (I tried a libreelec build which worked previously dual booting but no longer works). I am no where near knowledgeable enough to know where to start or if its even possible to flash a recovery through armbian? Any help will be hugely appreciated, thanks.