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  1. OK, thanks to all. Have plenty of HDMI cables. I'll pick up a small monitor at Best Buy and use the port in the M4.
  2. If I understand the article I just read correctly, there is a video board and 7" monitor made to work with the R. Pi 3. That implies to me that getting a seperate video signal requires an additional interface/board. As overly simplified (and a bit embarrassing as the question is) do I simply attach an HDMI cable to my existing monitor for video? I've just bought the M4 and the tech from the local computer is doing the set up for me. So that kind to tells just how ignorant I am of anything besides Windows. i.e. do I simply attach HDMI cable from the M4 to my existing monitor. .. or is there a seperate board needed?
  3. brodon


  4. What do I need to use a separate monitor for my M4. . . . . keeping in mind, I've used nothing but MS Windows up to this point. Saying that I'm a novice when it comes to Linex, etc. is an understatement. I'm actually having someone else do the initial set for me.