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  1. How are you getting on @archetech? On micro SD with ayufan focal 5.6 release 0.10.10 I got 10m crash then 20m crash then 2hr before shutting down to try with emmc (failed). Posted in IRC and saved paste bin. Rock64 4gb.
  2. After 2 boot crash restarts my Rock64 4GB rev2 on Micro SD has come up on 5.3.11 kernel. rock64:~$ uname -a Linux rock64 5.3.11-rockchip64 #19.11.3 SMP PREEMPT Mon Nov 18 21:03:09 CET 2019 aarch64 GNU/Linux It looks like the first two times `pstate: 60000085` then on the 3rd time: `pstate: 20000005`. 3rd time still has stack trace related to zstd but otherwise makes it through. I have USB SATA-SSD (Pine store), eMMC (pine store) cards and another 6 Rock64's if there is anything I can do/provide. I'm tempted to try load up Kubernetes on them all with this image and see how stable it is. Okay, it lasted about 5 minutes. Has a Pine store heatsink. Failed during apt upgrade (download fast 1Gbps) but nothing after that. Have switched to a 30A 5V supply running 5V (multimeter) just in case the Pine store PSU is too weak but haven't been able to get it to boot again. ArchlinuxARM has come up on first boot with 5.3.1 and crashed after a few minutes.
  3. If it's any consolation... I have 7 Rock64 v2. 3x emmc, 3x USB2 SSD, 1x sd card. All from pine store. Bought and wired up 30A 5v DC power supply but haven't tested. One of the emmc is dead. One of the boards crash loops no matter what drive. None of them run usb3 reliably. Archlinux was newest most reliable kernel around 4.19 or 20. Haven't been able to get above 4.4 otherwise and wanted to use Ubuntu for home cluster so Arch out. Plus wanted over 4.9 for Linux network functionality. Put a bit of money into this setup. Naive. RPI not enough memory and new ones expensive. Given up and gone back to amd64 VM's.
  4. Booting 5.2 bionic on Rock64 v2 was fine first boot then subsequently future starts crash loops a few times but eventually gets to login. Please let me know what I can do/supply to help. Happy to iterate on it.
  5. I'll give 5.2 a spin on my Rock64 4gb this weekend. Thanks very much.
  6. "Stable Armbian" being the version from February here https://dl.armbian.com/rock64/ ??
  7. Armbian nightly? I didn't realise it was getting built, off to check I go! :d The latest ayufan pre release suggests memory speed locked to 1600? For rockpro64 I guess? https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-build/releases
  8. I haven't had any luck with reliable USB3 and SSD's on my Rock64's (7x), so I'm using USB2. Tried powered usb hubs, etc. There are a bunch of threads about it on here and arch forums, plus ayufan's github. Sorry If you spot something I'll be keen to hear.
  9. They've just sent me a v2 even though I requested v3. They said v3 not released on website and I can return. I got the impression from Twitter that they had v3 ready. Thanks for doing work on v3 bring up in armbian!
  10. On last look Ayufan stripped all the modules out after 4.4 which ran Ubuntu plus rock ones. I've got a v3 on the way and can do some testing of 5.x.
  11. Interesting to hear! (Sorry to side track post). My previous building effort with armbian was smooth but turned out to be invalid because the specific rock64 was verifying on turned out to have a hardware issue. 1/6, unlucky. Look forward to your results, happy to test (new topic?)
  12. Cheers. Arch does seem pretty swift on getting fixes in and packages out.
  13. @jpegxguy, good find! Have you been able to get a non-Arch distro going with a newer kernel than 4.4?
  14. Bummer. Was there a few items merged into 4.19? Before posting this I did a quick double check and I see Ayufan has just released 4.20: https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/linux-mainline-kernel/releases His 4.20 doesn't boot for me but 4.19 release does and seems reliable across a few boots! Last I looked 4.19 was in RC. I'm going to run with the released 4.19 and see if can get everything standing up. Also it looks like some of the drivers I was after are now built into the kernel instead of as modules too. `xt_set` is missing but I may not use Weave for K8s this time or maybe it's time to retry building again. FWIW a fresh Armbian ./compile.sh built 4.19 rc4 again this morning. I'm not sure if this is correct as it did a checkout of Ayufan mainline kernel. Maybe there is a flag somewhere. `dpkg-deb: building package 'linux-source-4.19.0-rc4-dev-rockchip64' in '/home/vagrant/armbian/.tmp/linux-source-dev-rockchip64_5.68_all.deb'.`
  15. Thanks very much. I'm booting from SSD drive connected with USB2 -> SATA adapter so not sure if that commit would be related. `armbianmonitor -u` is neat. After fresh dev build with 4.19 rc4. It took about 30-40 minutes crash looping on boot for it to stand up. http://ix.io/1x7c 4.4 current default image here: http://ix.io/1x7d If I can get to kernel 4.9 or higher I think I'm fine. I'll look into the Armbian docs and see if I can pin kernel version in the default-config build process and only apply relevant (tbd) patches...
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