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  1. I also like the idea of a device that can actually function as a server, drive and all, on about 12 watts. I also call it "Night Light" power. But I also enjoy a bit of fun with "tk" (tkaiser) because he, um,, doesn't see any merit in the R-PI/OMV "use case". On the other side of that coin, he does outstanding work with R-PI OMV images. With that in mind, he has a right to his opinion and since he does exceptional work supporting SBC's, I'm going to happily listen to those opinions. If the competition in SBC's were either a bit cheaper or a little more popular, I'd consider a change because tk is right about other offerings being better. But, until they're cheaper or a bit more popular, I'll hang onto the R-PI. Dafont Mapquest Filehippo