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  1. I'm sorry for late response. Well, in my case, I have switched the status entry (disable, okay) of ethernet@ff540000 and ethernet@ff550000 of the DTB I based on (rk3328-evb.dtb).
  2. What work so far: USB2.0/USB3.0 Gigabit LAN Wifi both 2.4/5.0 Mhz What not work: No bluetooth And I don't know what RAM you mean, I can see mine 4GB but I don't know about the speed etc. I compiled the wifi driver from this repo. Or you can use the file below to "sudo make install" if you're running current linux kernel (4.4.154). You can see in the attached tar.gz, I only modified "Makefile" a few entries. And also, check the DTB and DTS file below. I can't commend about stability of this box as I haven't run it continuously, because I always reboot it when the attached USB3 external SSD error. rtl8821CU.tar.gz rk3328-a1.dts rk3328-a1.dtb
  3. Thank you, but that will have to wait for testing. My emmc has corrupted out of sudden, it's still boot and run fine form sdcard though.
  4. My box always hang when I connect USB3 drive enclosure (SSD). The system hang randomly, sometimes after 10min, some other time 1 hour. The enclosure use JSM567 chip and has no external power source. It work fine with other computer; Win 10 desktop, Odroid C1 running Armbian (5V 2A PSU). I've tried to disable UAS, use USB2 port... but the result is still the same. I want to use the box for samba file server, I can share file from micro SD card and run overnight without problem. Can you guy tell me where should I look at?
  5. @CarlosPiles thank you! Yeah, I'm very happy the internal Wifi is working. Anyway my box is Beelink A1, not MX-10. I didn't compile the whole kernel, I just compile the wifi driver for my box. Is your box has 8723bs driver? If so, it's already included in the image. You should play around dtb file, try to get your original dtb file from android, convert it to dts and compare the entry. I got it working that way. I hope you get wifi working too.
  6. Update: I managed to get Wifi work. I've successfully compiled rtl8821cu from this repo. First, it throws lots of error. I've change the target to RPI3, then it got compiled. I did "sudo make install", "sudo modprobe 8821cu", it loads to kernel but no wlan0 yet. Until today, I did some change to dtb file by changing the Wifi entry to match my box. Then to my surprise, it load automatically on boot and I can connect wifi to my router. This is what my wifi entry: wireless-wlan { compatible = "wlan-platdata"; rockchip,grf = <0x1c>; wifi_chip_type = "rtl8821cu"; sdio_vref = <0x708>; keep_wifi_power_on; WIFI,poweren_gpio = <0x3f 0x13 0x1>; WIFI,host_wake_irq = <0xcd 0x1 0x0>; WIFI,reset_gpio = <0xcd 0x8 0x1>; status = "okay"; }; My original's dtb has this pointer for wake_irq: &gpio3 1 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH The bluetooth might not work though, since I haven't test it yet. However, this is very complete environment for an Armbian device for me. It did have some other lockups, I not sure what cause it, I doubt it's because of I'm using USB3 sata for storage. I will post here to see if anyone has solution. I attach these two files in case anyone has same box as me or just want to have a look of what I've done. rk3328-evba1.dts rk3328-evba1.dtb
  7. @CarlosPiles I'm in the same boat, I'm trying to compile rtl8821cu for my box but stuck at some error. I've found this installable kernel header here https://yadi.sk/d/apAYXzjHA2Pekw you can try it.
  8. Now my tv box works fine, but I miss wifi. The box has RTL8821CU chip, so will you include support for this chip in future build or can you guide me how to compile and put it in the system? I have downloaded your deb for linux headers and try to compile from this repo (https://github.com/whitebatman2/rtl8821CU) but there's no spec for rk3328. And after some editing, I run into "build fails with implicit declaration of function" error, don't know what cause the problem C or GCC.
  9. Beelink A1 (rk3328, 4GB ram, 32GB emmc) Tested with Armbian_5.67_Rk3328-tv_Debian_stretch_default_4.4.154_desktop_20181227.img.xz. Boot with rk3328-evb.dtb, but have to modify some entries to make ethernet and usb2 work.
  10. Yes, I did but the box doesn't boot. However, I've tried swapped the ethernet entry of rk3328-evb.dtb and my box has ethernet now. However, with this dtb the box doesn't have usb 2 functionality, but I fixed it with changing the "otg" to "host". Now I have a full working box (minus wifi, bluetooth). And I also install armbian to emmc. Thank you very much for your work!
  11. This is the entry of ethernet in my box. Somehow, the compartible gmac is rk322xh. I've change the rk3328-box @ff540000 to match my box, changed the clock and its references. If I keep rk322xh-gmac there's no error (dmesg | grep ether), and when I change to rk3328-gmac there's some error: stmmac_dvr_probe cannot get csr clock. eth@ff540000 { compatible = "rockchip,rk322xh-gmac"; reg = <0x0 0xff540000 0x0 0x10000>; rockchip,grf = <0x3>; interrupts = <0x0 0x18 0x4>; interrupt-names = "macirq"; clocks = <0x66 0xd1 0x4 0xd1 0x5 0xd1 0x7 0xd1 0x6 0x81 0x2 0x81 0x3 0x3a>; clock-names = "clk_mac", "mac_clk_rx", "mac_clk_tx", "clk_mac_ref", "clk_mac_refout", "aclk_mac", "pclk_mac", "clk_mac_pll"; phy-mode = "rgmii"; pinctrl-names = "default"; pinctrl-0 = <0xd2>; status = "okay"; reset-gpio = <0xcb 0x12 0x1>; clock_in_out = "input"; tx_delay = <0x26>; rx_delay = <0x11>; };
  12. I've tried that and it's still doesn't work. On some dtb, I get IP like 169.254.x.x I will play with it for a few day to see it swapping other dtb work.
  13. Thank you @balbes150 and Armbian team for making it possible for these tv boxes and sbc. A little background, I've found Armbian when I search for a good os for my odroid c1, then it serves as file and dnla server since. I also have a s905x box and I put LibreElec because I like how complete the os for that box; graphic, sound, wifi... When the S905X2 box come out (Beelink GT1 mini), I thought it's an upgrade to what I already have and the CPU is similar, then I get it and later found out that it a completely new cpu and there're no linux for it yet. However, I think there will be support in the future. I really want to have a nice Armbian box, I decided to get Beelink A1 (rk3328, GbE, USB3, 4GB ram, 32GB Rom) instead of rock64 for similar price. I like this beelink box because how small and come with complete set. Now I can run armbian and got to desktop when using rk3328-box.dtb but I have no ethernet, wifi and bluetooth. Other thing seems to work fine. So can you guide me how can I get a correct dtb for my box? And my box has etl8821cu, can I compile it somewhere else and load it in armbian? I can edit dts and convert to dtb.
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