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  1. @martinayotte I'm afraid I won't be able to build the system on my mac right now, I will try to do it on RaspberryPi tomorrow. However I like the "soldering pin to ground" option better (I will not solder it right away, just connect it to the ground to see if it has any impact). I will try to find what to connect tomorrow as it is not straightforward.
  2. I have downloaded images from and etched using the verify function, etcher also said it was verified. I tried the latest version from as well as . I have not used the 4.14.78 version but I will give it a try. Sure I have unzipped them and compared the checksums. After reading your output I see that I don't get to your line #4. I'd like to try out your build Armbian_5.67_Orangepizero_Debian_stretch_dev_4.19.11, where can I get it?
  3. Hello, I can't boot my new OrangePi One v.1.1. I have used various SD cards including Sandisk Ultra 32GB. On the serial console I every time see: U-Boot SPL 2018.05-armbian (Oct 26 2018 - 22:09:12 +0200) DRAM: 512 MiB Trying to boot from MMC1 MMC Device 0 not found spl: could not find mmc device. error: -19 SPL: failed to boot from all boot devices ### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ### Power supply is 5V 3A. Ethernet is unplugged and nothing is connected to USB. What I tried: - Flashed on two different computers (MAC and Windows) - used both etcher and dd - checked cards with h2testw for errors (no errors found) - formatted cards using SD card formatter (full format) - checked checksums of downloaded images (all OK) - tried all downloadable images for the board, including an ancient raspbian from Android did not boot either. To me it seems the board has something new on it that is not recognised by driver or there is a hardware issue with the OrangePi One. One of the cards was working fine in RaspberryPi. I'd appreciate if you give me advice how to build a brand new bootloader from source and flash it, just to see if I get past the "error: -19". thank you