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  1. Also, I cannot find a Docker install option under any of the menu items in armbian-config?
  2. Hi http://ix.io/1xNO Yes, it looks like it is still 3.4.11 - which appeared to be the latest link on the armbian site for Cubiebord 2. Is it possible to update it?
  3. Hi After doing a clean install to SD card of armbian 5.3 Ubuntu Xenial, I see multiple failures to install packages like Docker and Gitlab via apt-get. In both instances, I follow instructions as per the official pages, but when I try to do the installation, apt-get will report that "E: Package 'docker-ce' has no installation candidate" for example, even though it is present searching in the cache. Am I doing something wrong - perhaps I need another repository source?
  4. Hi I did that - I still get the same error - I can see after running armbian-config that it created a new partition and mountpoint - but the size is only 291MB. However, if I re-run fdisk/dev/sda, then there are no partition actually created on /dev/sda?
  5. OK, so I found the armbian-config utility, and I see there is a convenient utility to allow the installation to NAND or SD and having System live on SATA. However, when I run this, it errors out that there is not enough space on /dev/sda1 - even though this is a 480GB partition in ext4?
  6. Hi All I cannot seem to find information specific to the Cuibieboard 2 - only reference to BPI running Ubuntu on SATA? Is this still possible? I have been able to do this on my old Cubieboard 2 but with a very old image. I don't know if this is possible with the latest Ubuntu's? If so, please point me to instructions? I have downloaded Armbian 5.3 onto SD card and got one of my Cubie's to boot fine from SD but would prefer either NAND or via SATA (SSD - preferable). I think the way I was able to do this on my old boards was to have the bootloader run from the NAND and then the SSD would take over from there, but it looks like this particular Cubieboard has issues with the NAND since it will not POST anymore unless I boot with SD Card.