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  1. Thanks @dbsharpe I'm trying the first option and actually I found the right kernel release where you pointed me to . Second option is getting me crawy, I cannot find any combination of dtb and kernel version that will make my USB ports reckognized since kernel 4.19. I guess it is a known problem. Andrea
  2. Hello all, I'm new to the forum. I have a beelink gt1 ultimate (real 3GB). The version with the latest kernel that works for me is 5.60 with 4.18.7 Kernel and Ubuntu Xenial. I want to use this tv box as Home Automation server. I need ftdi_sio driver. How can I compile the module as a ko ? I have installed all the toolchain in a Ubuntu Bionic VM but I do not have the 4.18.7 Kernel (the only proposed ones are minimu 4.19 (default; dev and next). @balbes150, from where are you getting the sources to compile with the right armbian version ? Can you give the 5.60 sources in one of your repositories ? Thanks in advance and happy new year to everybody Andrea
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