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  1. Just wanted to add some, albeit not very scientific, testing and observation results for further reference. TL;DR: Do not use 1A power supplies with OrangePi Zero. The board is small, but with ethernet connected, it really needs and shines with 2.0A and more power to spare. Long Version I'm running an OrangePi Zero 1.4 with Armbian 16.04LTS. It runs DNSMasq for home network and also acts as a rsync/backup server for couple of android phones. I've powered the board with a high quality Artwizz 1.0A USB power supply around a year. Sometimes I experienced small problems like DNSMasq becoming non-responsive on a bi-weekly basis, or the SSH connections fail to the board rarely. Also, the board was working a bit sluggish. I attributed the problems to the CPU power and the overall quality of the board, but it was bothering me nevertheless. All in all, the uptime and general stability of the system was acceptable from that kind of board though. Yesterday, after losing SSH connection again, I thought about increasing the power budget of the board, then I found this thread and replaced the adapter with an 2.5A one (I'm a kind of engineer who over-engineers for reliability and headroom). DNSMasq is visibly snappier, the temps are down 2-3 degrees Celsius. I will observe the system more and will update here with long term test results.