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  1. Yes, been trying to each time. With extraargs=ignore_loglevel, dmesg -n 7; dmesg -w but I don't always get a trace unfortunately
  2. Yes, here it is http://ix.io/2i8W Done for the module blacklisting, wait&see :-) Edit: bad news, issue reoccured armbianmonitor : http://ix.io/2ic4
  3. @gprovost I've just experienced the same issue (but no traces this time) using the Armbian 5.4 dev kernel for mvebu fyi. I'll try downgrading to an older kernel and see what happen.
  4. Hi, I was unable to reproduce the issue with the vanilla Armbian and I needed to have my usual system running, so I booted on my previous SD. After ~29h, I encountered the issue again. And this time, I had a trace on the serial console, similar to the one previously reported by @FrancisTheodoreCatte One thing I'm noticing in the console is that the traces continue to appear, every minute or every 30s. Here is an extract: https://paste.systemli.org/?00127e5455380d10#9eAznGLeoqN5CKHhK9nQ5aqx3PZy3oarrG39PnoCajQ7
  5. I've tried disabling everything. Even just having the system running, without unencrypting and mounting the RAID eventually ends up in the helios being unresponsive. I'll do some more tests, like booting on Arch and will keep you posted.
  6. Here is the output of armbianmonitor: http://ix.io/2h22 Same issue occurred with my spare Helios4 from batch3, using an unused PSU and unused fans.
  7. I disabled it already. It was my first action :-) I disabled both armbian-zram-config and arm-ramlog services at the systemd level (systemctl disable). Today, one hour ago same issue with a brand new PSU. I have a spare helios4 (from batch3), if you haven't go any other suggestion, I'm going to put the disks in it and see if this behaviors still occurs. With this I'd changed everything except the OS.
  8. Hi, Same thing has been happening to me for the past few weeks. Crashs are becoming more and more frequent though. 2x times last night, once again earlier today. I've switched to a brand new SD card, crashs still occur. Neither atop, nor top, nor the logs (I even deactivated the ram logging in order to have the logs stored on SD) show me anything useful. The NAS becomes unresponsive, both on the network, and both on the serial port. The power LED is ON and the disk activity LEDS either are all lit up or all off but most of the time they are OFF. The network (RJ4
  9. Hi, I'd like to use Wireguard on my Helios4 (btw thx for the great job, I'm really happy with it so far!), and for that, I need to have the kernel headers installed. What would be the best way to have kernel headers installed ? Recompile using https://github.com/helios-4/build ?